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  1. According to The Wall Street Journal, the following exchange took place between U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and President Bush. Commenting on U.S. corporate scandals, Mr. O'Neill is reported to have said: "A kid who gets caught with a half a gram of marijuana can serve more time than an executive who loses tens of thousands of jobs." To which the President is alleged to have responded: "You're right."

    That should do it. When Mr. Bush addresses the subject in his speech today, he will likely declare that it's time to get rid of those awful marijuana laws that are just filling U.S. jails with innocent kids. Either that or he's going to create a new corporate crime: Any executive whose company loses thousands of jobs will now get sent to jail along with the kid caught with marijuana.

    snip- read the rest of this article on corporate responsibility at the
    website listed.

    Pubdate: Tue, 09 Jul 2002
    Source: National Post (Canada)
    Webpage: http://www.mapinc.org/cancom/6FCC4C6F-C972-44E2-9066-B336A172862B
    Copyright: 2002 Southam Inc.
    Contact: letters@nationalpost.com
    Website: http://www.nationalpost.com/
    Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/286
    Author: Terence Corcoran
    Note: Drug policy related references in first two paragraphs.
  2. It would be great though if he had the 3 visions of Scrooge, and saw Marijuana Past (the movie Reefer Madness), Marijuana Present. and Marijuana Future.

    Do you think it would do any good if we collectively prayed for his enlightenment?
  3. ummmm, good news to me :)
  4. Nubbin.... that link to the article is broken, and I can't seem to find the article on the mapinc.com site.... do you have the article, and if so will you please post it here so that I can read the whole thing?


  5. damnn...I can't find the link anymore..I got the article from 420times.com but today the article isn't posted, so maybe its a dead link now. try looking around on 420times.com
  6. I searched the National Post and The Wall Street Journal. I can't find anything.
  7. well damn
    i wouldnt expect anything that good outta bush
  8. Hey Nub ,

    Folks............'Bush' is pretty fickled.......he simply goes, 'with the flow'.
    If you like yer pot "real legal"............then let his 'christian soldiers know !

    Kiss a baby....

    Then sit down and write ; a congressman , a reporter , a doctor ,and me a letter.

    if it's to me 'make it sweet' ;)


    5260 Center Ave.
    Suite 109
    Pittsburgh ,PA


  9. uh oh roach..you gave the ice cream man an address...now hes gonna have to go find you
  10. hmm...

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  11. bush is strait up a pot head
  12. nonono..pot is the devil..he prefers coke and alkyhole
  13. i wished the guy smoked herb, or supported it...but not gonna happen. I am from Humboldt County where some of the best green is avaiable, and he and his administration has continued to harrased all 215 patients. Today in Santa Cruz we will see what will happen at the pot givaway. He and Asscroft, and hutchitson, are puppets. But, its cool, the beat goes on......like your site.........peace jt
  14. Those of you who live in Southern Cali know about the big fire that was up in San Diego about a month ago...Many many acres were burned and houses destroyed. All because of a helicopter searching for marijuana plants...If it were legal none of this would have happened and these people would still have homes.
  15. I agree with you, even in Humboldt, money is still accepted from the feds to sponser Camp. We should as citizens of our counties make sure that those that get elected locally, will vote to not accept the Feds money, that will get rid of lots of Noisey Helicopters, prevent stupid fires, and keep conservative closed minded people from represented us. I cant wait for the day when our President can proudly say they inhaled and now want Peace in the World!!! Refergladness!!! Peace justoken
  16. I'm with you 169% on that one.

  17. pot head?!?
    the damn moron was a coke-head!
    he threw loud wild coke partys when daddy had him serving at the ivy league school of his choice where he maintained a C avg!
    cock-sucker should not b president, and the hypocrite, will unfortunately, NEVER do the RIGHT thing and stop putting us, innocent, fun-loving kids in jail!
    after all, its not his $$ being wasted, it's OURS!!!!
  18. blah. George W Bush says marijuana is unclean and anti-christian, it must all be burned, use highly addictive heroin-based pharmaceuticals that don't do the same job instead, or just suffer. Thats pretty much his view on it and it sucks.
  19. not only do his views suck...but he SUX small hairy hermaphrodite penis!
  20. While I agree 100% that entirely local affairs should be handled by the local authorities.( Humboldt county officers should be handling humboldt county crimes) Unfortunately...our present system of federalism allows the DEA or FBI or any other governmental agency to "supersede" the local authorities' normal range of jurisdiction. This is allowed because marijuana (in particular) is still classifed by the Feds as a Schedule 1 narcotic (like LSD) which means it still has ( to the feds) absolutely no medicinal value and it is a a federal crime to grow, possess, distribute, use, etc... Even if voters in a specific county or city elected all members who vowed not to 'accept" federal monies or assistance, the FEDS can just easily trump that vote, send in who they want, and completely disregard the wishes of the local voters. Ahhhh....democracy in 2002, jefferson would be rolling over in his grave if he knew of this mess.......

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