Bush inserting his foot into his mouth

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i don't know if anyone here saw this vid or not but Dubya was holding some sort of press conference out on the white house lawn taking questions from reporters.

    he called on one reporter and gave him a hard time wearing sun glasses. he's like, "are you gonna ask me a question wearing those sunglasses. i'm kinda focused on the glasses right now. you know it's not sunny to the viewers at home."

    the reporter replied, "i guess it all depends on your perpsective"

    the punch line is it turns out the guy is legally blind.
  2. Haha yeah, i've seen this.

    Bush is such a fuck-up. Senior should've worn a rubber.

    Thanks for posting this, dude.
  3. ^^ LMAO^^ bout the rubber....true.
  4. yup, anyone who has watched michael moor's documentary farenhight 911 will know how much of an idiot bush realy is, i watched an episode of south park or family guy once (cant remember which) and everytime they took the piss out of bush i thought it was funny, after seeing the documentry i now relise that they wernt acctually taking the mick as much as i thought and it realy isnt funny that he's in the position of power he is in.
  5. I've been on a rant about this for the past few days.

    Why is this news worthy?

    1) when you at a press conference it's disrespectful to wear sunglasses indoors. So Bush called him on it.
    2) When you see a person wearing sunglasses, is your first reaction that he is blind? Nope!

    So it was an honest mistake anyone would make... why is this newsworthy? If the reports who broke this as news really want to attack Bush, find other shit... because this is petty and shows how childish that side of the media can get.

    I guarentee anyone else here would have made the same mistake... it's not your first reaction to think someone is blind if they have sunglasses on!
  6. Anyone who uses Michael Moore's "documentary" ______________ (insert any one of them on the line) as proof that Bush is an idiot... well... won't say what I want :)

    I'm not a fan of Bush... but come on, using Michael Moore as your attacking vehicle?
  7. Not to mention that Micheal Moore is the biggest peice of shit around. He is the biggest psy op the government has going right now, he totally avoids the real facts of 9/11.

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