Bush for 2004 election

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. He has got to be the best we have running..

    Every one needs to wise up..

    He will take away what is ours and give to himself or the rich..

    He worries only about himself..

    He wants to rule the american people...

    He is the best president this country has ever seen..

    Ya\'ll need to wake up and smell the roses..

    BUSH the whore for 2004!! Vote or be another victim like IRAQ.
  2. Don\'t foget he has promised us Pot Smokers free room and board with three meals a day!!!

    I don\'t know how I forgot about that!

  3. Amen to that!!

    Toke on :smoke:
  4. Two things:

    They\'ve changed the laws so they can jail anyone they deem a terrorist without due process, and they\'ve spent tax money on commercials equating drug users to terrorists.

    What\'s gonna happen when too many of us stoners become a hassle for this administration???
  5. toker genocide is around the corner.

    terrorists are scum, they deserve no rights, they\'re not even human, and we don\'t even need to proove that they ARE terrorists, we only need say they are.

    All tokers are terrorists because of the clear ties of smoking marijuana to blowing shit up and other terrorist activities.

    and so, all tokers, according to the terrarrist acts and whatnot( http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32691 ) we basically arent humans and have no civil/human rights. all previous rights and social safety/security measures have been wiped away in the blink of an eye, all thnx to bush and his puppet masters.

    they can walk into your house at any moment and \"Disapear\" you.

    its fascism at its best. infact, we\'ve never seen fascism like this before... its so good infact that people like Hunter S Thompson can even get away with saying its fascism, because to disapear him would raise suspicion, and by allowing him to continue to say these things creates the perfect illusion of freedom. \"we\'re not fascist, fascists wouldnt let him say such things.\"
    the very pinacle of fascism. the perfect fascist state is the one which has managed to convince the public that they live in freedom, because the greatest threat to any fascist state is that from within, rebelion & revolt. what better way to ensure power than pacifying the masses, yet still controlling them through fear, fear seemingly created by an outside force, so the fascist rulers can carry on unhindered.
    until the US, Nazi Germany had the best propaganda machine in the world.
  6. If illegal marijuana money goes to terrorists, then isnt this a huge reason to make it legal?

    You then take away huge amounts of \"terrorists\" (aka innocent weed growers) funds and they get it all.

    Im moving to amsterdam.

  7. yup, would be if it were true, but for the most part its not. sure, terrorists get alot of their funding from drug trade, but the majority of that is heroin, and i can\'t see them legalising that any time soon.

    but its true, if they legalised, then people would feel alot safer about growing their own. no terrorists involved.

  8. digit, if you don\'t mind, I\'m going to put that in my AIM profile.
  9. :D go for it. velly happeh my own words would insite quotation. lol. :D

  10. And it\'s all a question of how much of our freedom are we willing to give up to be safe? Or is it to be ruled under a fascism government?

    You decide in 2004!

    I\'m going to vote.............are you?

    Toke the Vote!
  11. I dont know why you have to bring political discussion that is extremely overexagerated and sarcastic and ridiculous to this board. Thats what I hate, every other stoner thinks bush is so bad, they hear one side of the story, which is usually blown out of proportion and then just comment at will. Bush is not the worst president we have had, every president weve had has had their problems. was clinton so great, after all he is a criminal, destroyed our national defense, and publicly lied to the country he is supposed to represent.

    p.s. to say bush is a fascist is silly
  12. Bush may not be the worst.....you are right there...........but he is the one in power right now.....and if you believe the \"Weapons of Mass Destruction\" story?------I\'ve got some swamp land I\'ll sell ya---dang basted cheap!

  13. amen brother i agree w/ you 100%
  14. Jimmy Carter is the best president weve had. He was close to legalizing weed.

    And we need Cheech or Chong to run for President.

  15. 1) You discounted the words of at least half a dozen people and didn\'t bother to explain yourself (you only called their words \'extremely overexaggerated and sarcastic and rediculous to this board\").

    2) If every other stoner thinks bush is bad maybe there\'s a reason? duh

    3) What \'one\' side of the story did they hear? The only story I\'m hearing from you is the one that best suits the Bush administration.

    4) Clinton doesn\'t matter. Nobody here was talking about him, he\'s not running for reelection, and you don\'t even know if any of us like Clinton.

    Come back with a real argument hombre, cuz that\'s not cutting it.
  16. sad thing is that the best candidates usually dont even get noticed because they do what is best for the country and future of the county, rather than telling people what they want to hear just to get them in office. a huge majority of the voters wouldnt even consider electing anyone who didnt spend enough money on wars or spend enough money against drugs, its like they dont know whats right or wrong just what people tell them
  17. welcome back, digit
  18. no matter who you are, their will always be a Bush supporter. i dont support him, actually he scares me. im not a rich guy, i dont have a lot of money, so i dont bitch much about how the rich benifits underneath his policies, while the rest of us suffer. i can say though, i am not happy with how my country is viewed by the rest of the world. im not happy that the president has no foreign relations expiereince. im also not happy that we have the greatest country in the world with a paranoid govt that thinks everyone is out to get us. and its probably true, but who started it? it seems to me the way we are going, if you dont swear your allegiance publicly, then you family, friends, etc are a terrorist, or supporting terrorist. right now, im just going with the flow. im going to vote because i dont want bush to be president. he may not have been if not for that small issue in florida. funny how that was the deciding state for the election, his brother the governor, and mix up on ballots. very, very funny, kinda smells like someone stole the presidency? enough about that, i may just migrate to canada.
  19. Haha, you all think Bush is running our country? He\'s so fucking dumb he probably needs help tying his shoes.
  20. madhatr, intelligent comment

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