BUSH-ERA NSA WHISTLEBLOWER: NSA Wiretapped Obama, Supreme Court Justices, Generals, FISA Court Justices

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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/20/bush-era-nsa-whistleblower-makes-most-explosive-allegations-yet-about-true-extent-of-govt-surveillance/
    Yes they wiretapped Obama, but I think the even bigger story here is, that the NSA wiretapped FISA judges, who are supposed to be the guys who give them permission through warrants to wiretap people. lol. How corrupt a system is that. Think of all the blackmail oppurtunities the NSA has, they can literally blackmail the most powerful American leaders. Think of how many politicians are owned by the NSA. 

  2. I have offically lost faith in the sleeping giant(American ppl). We had a new scandal break every week for a month and nobody seems to give a shit. Maybe that is just where I live but not nearly enough people are mad about this shit.
  3. Yeah this would be the time, for a million man march on D.C. If kokesh hadn't totally fucked up his protests this would be an oppurtune time for an armed march on D.C. 
  4. Hjread title is misleading

    The nsa doesnt wiretap individuals. Thay would be a ton of work.

    Theu wiretap everyone at the same time, record the data, and spy at their own leizure.

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