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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Claymore43, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Anyone ever use this crap. Came loaded with fungus gnats and its hard to tell if im over or under watering. Stays wet for days. Dry top inch and sopping wet rest of way. I was hoping the coco would help with overwatering because you cant over water coco but this stuff has myplants looking droopy on some plants leaves curling up on some. Ive used ffof with 25% coco coir added and worked fine. Figured this stuff was just premix of same stuff but i hate it. So confused.
  2. Did you add any perlite?
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  3. I used it my last grow with good results. I had no issues with bugs.
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  4. Coco without perlite takes awhile to dry out. I’ve done alright in one gallon pots straight coco. Coco with at least 30% perlite is almost impossible to overwater. The key is always in the aeration of the media. I don’t care if a soil has perlite in it already, I’m adding a lot more. The only medium I don’t add to is Royal Gold Tupur. I might add some rock dust, amendments and microbes though.

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