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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jpotter420, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. okay as u all know, the media is reporting that bush tried pot in secretly taped shit back in his days. well i dont see what the big deal is, i mean he tried pot, who gives a shit. the media...CNN, FOX, etc is making a huge thing out of this and there like saying OMG OMG BUSH USE TO SMOKE OMG, its fucking everywhere all over the news. i mean yeah hes a pres but they are making a huge deal out of this and its just a waste of time.

    and this is what america has come down to, this country is turned into some idotic worthless sensitive country. i mean like for ex. if u said something about black ppl on some sports show (rush limbaugh, football analyst) u get ripped on and get fired. ur a celeb, and u say ur gay, media ripps all over ur ass and its in the inquirer. its like this country has nothing else better to do but to gossip and talk. i know countries like England, Germany, and so on wouldnt give a rats ass if there prime minister use to smoke or not, or if beckham said something about blacks hispanics asians, and u get my point. not to mention the government is totally fucked up and the phrase \"freedom\" is the biggest joke ever.
  2. I think it\'s cool that Bush blazed. He\'s still a jackass though.
  3. Blah.. When Bush toked he probably broke the piece he was smoking out of and vomited because of the smoke.. He\'s a jackass and deserves it..
  4. It\'s a big deal because he always uses his \"morality\" as a weapon, his religiousness. It\'s a big deal because, although there is alot of evidence that he did alot of coke and drinking and whatever else before 1990, he has always kinda denied it out of hand or no commented on it. It\'s a big deal because his party always lampoons Democrats for maybe having smoked weed back in the day. They were the ones who made the big deal out of Clinton \"not inhaling\" during the campaign in \'92. And now there\'s audio evidence of him admitting to it. I\'m sure he didn\'t break the piece becuase he was an experienced drug user.
  5. I love how much he boasts about his religion, HE\'S A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!!! He recently gained his religion in the form it is in currently. By the way, if you havn\'t realised, he\'s not religious in his private life, it\'s purely a facade to get votes.

  6. i cant stand bush and the republicans go nader!!! :hello:
  7. I wonder if he inhaled...
  8. i just think the gov needs to chill with pot restrictions. its more illegal that meth and cock. wtf?
  9. The only way pot will ever be legal is if a 3rd party is voted in. Nader is shot out. Vote Libertarian.
  10. thank god cock isnt illegal here i dont know what i would do with mine. gotta love jersey.
  11. i wouldn\'t be surprised if bush still did coke behind closed doors. it takes someone whose high on pride and power (feelings normally associated with coke) to want to start a war as hastily as possible. The only reason Clinton got guff about weed was because the Reps made a big deal about it. If democrats gave a rats ass they could have ridden Bush\'s coke habit straight to victory in 2000! forget about 2004. Well I take that back, if they had a different candidate AND pushed the Bush-cokehead message the electoral votes might have affirmed the popular vote.

    Democrats nowadays are just Republicans with a sense of humor. They concede more platforms to conservative causes every day. I don\'t care if the 3rd party becomes libertarian or green or even the f**king rainbow party; we need elections to be more than a coin flip in order to expect any meaningful change to happen in this country.

    oh and nader is an asshole. his ideas are good but he\'s nothing more than an opportunist. maybe if he would pick a party and stick with it.

    ps: they meant to type coke not cock jackasses... still pretty funny

  12. wow, bush has actually done something good...pot!
  13. I dont think stealing money from hard working americans to support many things that can be done better and cheaper in the private sector is funny.
  14. I dont know that much about bush and america in general being from the U.K
    but i think its cool that BUSH smoked pot simple as
    Dont fly 2 high
  15. I think that anything that incrimnates bush is a good thing, but your right, they shouldn\'t be so caught up on his weed smoking, they should be making a big deal of his coke use.
    however, the media making a frenzy about rush limbaugh is well deserved, he is a racist nazi.

  16. lol, yea.
  17. I actually laugh at both parties for bringing up stuff as irrelevant as somthing like this. This, which is being brought up by the dems and liberal media, and the whole Clinton ordeal.
    They are all just very silly people.
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