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  1. Holy shit I was just riding the bus home from school I was in the very back and I heard the kid in front of me say something and then i saw smoke rising up from his seat I was thinking holy shit the bus is on fire right after that I felt this hot liquid hit my shins it brunt like a bitch and my socks and shoes got soaked I jumped up on the seat by this point the bus is filling up with hot steam/smoke I started moving forward and telling people to open windows meanwhile there's a ton of hot green liquid sloshing around on the floor this is our Second bus this year
  2. So what happened man I only got half the story?
  3. i think a 'lolwut' is in order.
  4. Sorry the radiator on the bus exploded

  5. Whaaaaaaaaat?
  6. 12 year olds with a hollowed out pen and a bit of reggie
    along with some internet access

    ... YOUR COOL
  7. Wut u sayin broman?

  8. Well kinda it started leaking hot radiator fluid all over the bus

  9. If I was 12 I would of been banned a long time ago

  10. ......OR.

    You were on `shrooms.
  11. Lol burn your shins and then sue the bus company.

    I have to ride the city bus 40 minutes to and from school it fuckin sucks. Especially since it's usually packed to the hilt.

  12. Yes but noting serious they were red and a little sore for a while but that was it
  13. OP's a gold fish.
  14. Skunky monkey with yet another golden comment
  15. That's weird. When the radiator exploded all over people on my bus, the liquid was red. I totally believed this reasonable story until the part about "green" colors.
  16. radiator fluid is like a box of chocolates. you never know what your gonna get till it explodes in your face

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