:::BUS DECAPITATION::: what the hell?

Discussion in 'General' started by tfunkadelic, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. If there's a thread about this on here already, I didn't see it. Just thought this was such a crazy story I had to post it up somewhere chill for discussion.

    To sum it up...

    While riding a Greyhound bus in Canada, this guy just started stabbing the guy who was sleeping next to him in the neck for no reason. He ultimately cut off the guys head completely, and held it up for the other people who were on the bus to see. WHAT THE HELL?


  2. This is an old Canadian tradition. Don't you dare mock my culture.
  3. You've clearly never sat next to a snoring person on a long bus ride
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, but yeah, this was posted yesterday.
  5. Kind of sad if you ask me...
  6. Lol, Sam speaks the truth!
  7. Seriously...I can't imagine how it'd feel to be in his family right now. He even had a little bro. Just too unbelievable. Some people man.
  8. Yeah man, it sucks hard. Its creepy too, he wasn't anti-social or anything, he chatted with some guys on a smoke break, just a normal guy, nothin special about him.

    Then BAM stab stab stab stab. shit it would suck to be woken up by a stab to the neck.
  9. It must have been that wacky tobacky...my DARE officer said it makes you kill people
  10. DARE? Damnit, they're always on their game! Tobacco smokers are doomed I tell you! DOOMED!
  11. Not only did he decapitate him, but he then began to cut peices off and eat them.

    Seriously... it's in a transcript of the RCMP comms.

    • "Delta one, zulu go."
    • "Okay, Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off peices and eating it."

  12. Then you clearly didn't look for one, for there is already a thread about it.
  13. I don't think this is an appropriate topic to make fun of...
  14. "Delta is that barbecue sauce?"

    "thats affirmative"


    its sad and disturbing though
  15. I've seen a lot of fucked up stuff in my career, but that would certainly take the cake. I can't imagine being one of the officers to arrive on scene there, much less being the one to cuff him.

    Violent stabbings are messy enough, but decapitation and cannibalism? Those are two words I've never had to put into a report.

    Were you a cop or something? 'Cause that would be pretty damn funny, seeing as how you're now using a stoner message board.:D
  17. Shit like this makes me ashamed of the human race.

    I can't believe how scum like that get a trial- its blatent, horrible, murder.

    They should have taken the asshole off the bus and put one right in his head then and there.

  18. Exactly... and a little brother? :( Wow man..

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