Burying the Plant???

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by potsmokaupnorth, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. I was watching CBC a while ago and it had a documentry on some guy that was growing medicinil and it showed him using this crazy technique and what he did is he started a plant and once it was 3 feet or somthing he buryied it up to 6" from the top and then what it did is the plant started to come up with new little tiny plants all over the place and those little plants grew and it became like 20 little plants and one huge plant and it showed how much it got off it and it was like 5-10lbs i forget now but it was ALOT. I was wondering if this would be possible or would the part of the plant that got buried just die?
  2. the part u bury turns into roots.

    i got a funny feeling the guy only does this cus he cant clone worth a shit.
  3. This is waht happens to bonzai moms after a while, where it was firts topped when it gets too wide to fit in the pot you cut the rootball in half and you then haev 2 moms or a mom and a pre rotoed clone.

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