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Burt weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexmarley, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I've smoked a few times with friends, and there was nothing to it. My friend just has a pipe and that's what I've used each time. Recently he got me my own small stash. I still live at home unfortunately, so smoking is quite hard here. I waited a while to smoke it, so it sat there. Yes, I'm fairly new to it, so I don't know a whole lot of how to go about it, but is there a way pot can go bad? He bought it for me a month ago, and I never got it from him. So it was just sitting in the bag for that long, and then I waited some time to smoke it.

    I know how to use a pipe, but when I went to use mine, as soon as I lit it, the grass just burned all up. Like charcoal black. And the smoke was ungodly. Obviously I burned it a tad too much. But how does that happen? (Clearly I know how things burn but in this instance). Because I barely light it, and it still happened. Was it old? Did I still have it light for too long? I swear now my lungs feel like I just ran into a burning building.
  2. Your weed dried out from being out so long in a baggie. If you keep it out for more than a few days without glass or another air tight storing jar it will start to dry up. That's why you smoke it when you get it or just get a nice glass jar.
  3. It'll probably be fine if you kept it in a bag.. I've smoked old weed. It might be a little harsh but it'll still get you high.

    When you light it make sure you're cornering it.
  4. You gotta burp your container every day to keep it fresh and not moldy.
    Just open what ever you have it in and wave your hand over it like your praising it and your done.

    Make sure your container is air-tight if you intend to keep it longer than a week.
    Pill bottles work quite well when it comes to storing bud and are a cheap solution along with mason jars.

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