Burry me or Burn me?

Discussion in 'General' started by NevrADullMoment, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I was just discussing funeral arrangements with my Father, who is not yet elderly. Of course, we started getting a little outrageous, so my question to the forum is;

    When I die I want my family to take care of my body by....?
  2. use me for fertilizer for a newly planted tree....
  3. By burning my body and spreading my ashes everywhere

  4. ditto
  5. I want to be propped standing up, flashing the peace sign while wearing ridiculous sunglasses and a hat. That way people will laugh at my wake instead of being upset:p
  6. ^^ that would be cool..but they wouldnt do it..

    burning me freaks me out...burrying me ...freaks me out too..

    i guess it wont make a diffrence since ill be dead...so..

    whatever is easiest i guess..but no spreading me around in winds /seas etc if they burn me...

    edit.that wouldnt be cool...i was referring to skitts' post/that would be cool..
  7. ppl may do that ne ways...

    my family has like...party type wakes...we go in..cry at first but then within a small amount of time everyone is laffing and smiling about all the good times:D
  8. Paint my face like a clown. Give me a red nose. A wig. Drop me from a plane over midtown Manhattan. Maybe I'll take a couple suckers out.
  9. Pff, you're not cool.
  10. Gotta say i would rather be burned. And when it does happen i want my friends and family that smoke to smoke as many as they can afford to bring and listen to the song Burn One Down by Ben Harper at least once
  11. just throw my corpse into a lake or somethin, theres no need to spend money on a dead body just so people can come look at me, get an empty coffin or somethin n put it in the home, but dont pay for that shit just to put it under ground
  12. Either:

    - cremation

    - leaving my body to naturally decompose in the wilderness

    or this:

  13. Cremation.

    It's less expensive on the family, plus it's easier on people who have an idea of "the spirit" so I can be spread somewhere that was important in my life.
  14. Me and a couple of my friends decided that if we continue to be friends while we move forward in life and if we are still good friends when one of us dies, they will be cremated and some of their ashes would be used in a joint of some good weed to smoke one with them one last time.

    Never actually researched the idea or if it's even a good idea, but if it's feasible to do we will do it lol
  15. I would like to be burned and then either buried my ashes in the ground, used as fertilizer for a garden, or pour them in the Atlantic Ocean.
  16. Seriously, fuck taking up valuable real-estate for my decomposing body!

    Burn me up, give a couple small Urns to my children - then use the rest of the ashes in my pot garden.
  17. As for the people who said fertilizer, I am pretty sure human ashes have no nutrients that a plant needs.
  18. Yeah but if my ashes go in my pot garden, maybe someone will see me when they smoke my plants! :rolleyes:
  19. I plan to have my coffin shot into space. Hopefully some advanced alien species will find my body and bring me back to life on their home planet.
  20. I'd rather be put in a mosileum but there's too many other options to decide right now.

    Planting a tree and using part of me as fertilizer kinda sounds good.

    I might not be against being cremated. That way I'd be portable. :)

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