Discussion in 'General' started by Chillout, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. ok everyone,

    burritos? :confused: I just had three, and they were damn good.

    i don't know, its like food in a package and then you just eat the whole package and get the food inside

    i think its awesome


  2. OMG! I would love to have a big fat burrito stuffed with everything right now. (Congrats on 100!) I'm HUNGRY!!!!!...and I want a damn burrito!!!! I can't believe you had three and didn't share. :( Shame on you! :p
  3. Burritos rule, especially with everything in em.
  4. I do love those Burritos!!!! I could eat a couple right now!!!!

    With everything on them!!!!!
  5. EXTRA sour cream :D
  6. I love burritos too! Mmm, mmm. There's this little dive bar beside where I work. I eat their for lunch pretty often. I swear they got the biggest and best burrito I've had.

    But the Taco Bell grilled stuffed burrito is good too. ;)
  7. Guess what I'm getting for lunch?

    I'll give a hint... I'm going to Taco Bell!
  8. Lol, BH. All this talk of burritos is going to make me go their as well...

    Here's an idea. As many of you blades as possible descend on your local Taco Bell for lunch today. Let's all go burrito crazy!!
  9. I'm back in the office preparing a bid...

    15 minutes from now I'll be hitting Taco Bell with my order!!!!
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmm don't even get me started with burritos..... delish, usually hit up t-bell or this awsome lil mexican joint by my crib (ha)

    but i like to sake em at home too..omg we get really creative....

    fried shrimp and grilled veggie's w/ pico and sour cream is fucking amazing, haha

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