Burple Overkill (Test)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GroovyGas, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Just chopped up most of my plants except the gorilla bomb and cookie kush which has another 2 weeks at least. Anyway I took 75% of these LED’s and hung them all over the gorilla Bomb to see how dense I can get the buds. Here she is.. [​IMG][​IMG]
    The buds were already rock hard to the touch and now I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen in the last 2 weeks. That’s 4,600 watts of burple (940 True Watts)
    As always the lights are 5x brighter in person. The plants literally glowing in every direction.
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  2. Looks good...? I think...?
  3. Make sure not to butn her wit them.. not too close not too far!!
  4. Yea I forgot to add that she’s pretty messed up. Nutrient burn plus really bad root bound.
  5. Cool

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  6. First judgement in seeing that plant is it's starving. Whether it's buildup moving ph off and causing lockout or if you didn't feed them enough I can't really tell but almost all of your fan leaves are already dead. When a plant can't get nutrients from the soil it will take them from it's own leaves. Doesn't look like nutrient burn to me.

    I think I starved my first 3 crops or so until I figured out how much to really feed them and what kind of balance of nutrients they like. Not the worst yield anyway.
  7. Is it just gonna die? Can I pull off another 2 14 weeks?
  8. Let that shit grow til done lol dead or not

    Blurples grow bomb ass plants
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  9. Another 2 weeks? Is it still shooting out any new white pistils on the main tops? If so maybe. I can't really see it that well in the lighting. It looks almost done to me.
  10. Not even close to what our HPS yeilds.
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  11. Correct, but they still grow bomb plants tho..

    B-4 these white light qb’s started to take over ppl that were using led were using blurples being thats all that was available at that moment as new tech..
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  12. Trichomes are milky/Amber. Pistils are still slightly white. I’m gonna hold off till next not this coming Monday but the one after.
  13. How much can you really yield in that small of a pot with health problems?

    How big is that finishing pot? I think that's part of the problem. It looks like a 3 gallon pot max, maybe smaller. Should be like a 7 gallon or so. I'm using 10's for finishing larger plants. Is that dirt in there?

    Removing those dead leaves would help more light get to flowers.
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    2 Oz. There dense. I’ll be doing a larger pot next time. 5 gallons though not any higher. I like to feed more.
  15. Ohh lol.. didnt notice how small that pot was.. lucky it hadnt fell over on ya!!

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