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Discussion in 'General' started by giroldo, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. this has happened to me so many times.

    the funniest time this happened was when i went to the mall. we smoked behind the mall with a few girls and some buddies. i rolled a really nice chocolate blunt wrap with headies bud and coated it with maple syrup (so it burns slower). anyway, we ripped that blunt hard and like 6 of us got blasted.

    so we go to the mall and we are chilling in the food court. all of a sudden, i feel the need the burp and i did. when i burped however, a big hit of smoke came out of my mouth and floated up.

    people sitting next to us were like :confused: :eek: but i was like :cool:.

    something like this ever happene to anybody else when they :smoke: ?

  2. fuck yeah, weed burps are the best. I have this chick that I smoke with who is a really close friend. She burps every time we smoke.

    I burp usually only like 5 min tops after I smoke. Never been like sitting there hours later and I burp up smoke.

    its pretty sweet tho.
  3. Yeah, my friend did that in front of his mom right after smoking, it was some funny shit.
  4. damn, i was just thinking how bad that would be if you were being sneaky about smoking, and having that happen.
  5. i heard that was from swallowing smoke but idk
  6. That happens when you swallow the smoke instead of inhaling it, used to happen to me all the time. Almost got caught once because of it.

    I remember one time me and some friends were at my friends house and got crazy baked, I woke up the next morning and let out like 3-4 hits of smoke.
  7. wouldn't those be ghost hits?

    sick though it's fun to watch when you're totally faded and out of nowhere you just burp out a massive cloud

    i feel like a king when i do it
  8. haha. same here man.
  9. yea usually i don't even notice i have smoke in my stomach until i start to get a little lightheaded
  10. hell yeah, do it all the time whenever im pounding down a few beers.
  11. I use to do it High School alot.3-4 of us would moke a joint between classes & when finished we'd enter the building with hallways filled with people Eventually I'd let out a burp 7 miuth full of smoke
  12. Hell yeah thats almost gotten me caught sometimes cuz my dad used to smoke and my mom hung out with potheads her whole life so she knows what burps of smoke mean. One time I burped up a tiny bit of smoke when me and my friend were standing behind my dad in our house.

    Then another time I felt a burp coming when I was talking to my dad so I pretended like I was wiping my eye and I burped down into my shirt lmao. And my friend came back to me later (he was standing next to me when I was talking to him) and said dude I smelled weed when we were talking to your dad and I just started laughing
  13. they call it dragon breath down here in baltimore. usually happens from swallowing, but ive had it happen to me after coughing up a lung from a huge bong hit. pretty sick though.
  14. LOL , one time me and a bud were smoking downstairs and his parents called us up there , so we went up there and there like when are you going to bed and my buddy just burps up this huge cloud of smoke and his parents were like "are you okay!?" it was so funny.
  15. Usually after a really big hardass rip when im exhaling ill burp and more smoke will come out. One time I was in period 1 after smoking a bong before school and i burped out a nice smelly cloud of smoke in class
  16. haha eeyyupp
  17. It only happens to me when I'm high and smoking and I tend to take slower puffs.

    Sometimes I lose orientation and take a couple really quick hits to make up for time lost and then I swallow the smoke too fast.

    I don't think its good to burp out smoke. It's not too enjoyable for me.
  18. eh, i dont really feel too much discomfort from it.

  19. +rep. made me LOL for a couple of minutes and I havent smoked in like 3 days..gotta love tolerance breaks
  20. I don't think that's how smoke works.

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