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Discussion in 'General' started by mhall90, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Holy shit you guys...well, I've wondered why smoking makes you burp...but anyways, I haven't smoked all day but I just lit up and choked on my hit. I was coughing so hard that a tear fell out of my eye! But anyways, I still took a few hits after that and like, I had to burp. I was looking at the computer screen but I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye and I saw smoke! And I was still having little burps and the smoke kept coming! I mean, not thick or anything, but I could see it in contrast to the black...I burped smoke! Is that normal? lol

    Man, I am so high people.
  2. happens to me all the time lol you burp and then theres like a puff of smoke
  3. I have heard burping smoke is a early symptom of Solanum.
  4. I can make myself inhale smoke and burp it back out. It is not a healthy trick but was discovered by accident.
  5. happens to me often. usually when i try to hold it in longer than needed but kinda 'choke.'
  6. When you were choking and coughing after the hit you swallowed some smoke, naturally when you burped later the smoke that was in the air you swallowed came out to.
  7. Ya its normal. Try this. Make a fist and hold it to your mouth (like your blowing in your hands to keep them warm, but with a closed fist.) Take a deep breath and close your mouth and act like your blowing hard for like 5 seconds then take your hand away and exhale, see if you see smoke. Something I figured out by accident haha.
  8. Ya I used to swallow smoke when I lit up, and would burp smoke.

    For some reason I stopped swallowing and just inhale, and haven't burped smoke since.

    Is there a reason for swallowing smoke? Sorry if it's answered elsewhere just trying to make use of the moment.

  9. DUDE!!! that was fucking amazing! I didn't think It would work because I haven't hit it in over an hour, but smoke still came!!! LMAO, that was so crazy!!!

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