Burnttwaffle's Bass Project(Custom Bass)

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  1. Well guys, im looking to build my own custom bass(actully figure out what i want how much get the parts and have it build)

    so i need GC's Input and help

    I want your opions on pickups necks bodys electronics headstocks parts to use EVERYTHING. Links names of builders are MUCH appreciated, i have no way of getting it built yet so that would help atone, price isnt to much of an option, i wannt a really one of a kind burnttwaffle bass :) i am willing to spend like 3.5-4k tops
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    i posted a little in "The Low End"

    personally my favorite pickup/preamp combination for an active bass that i've ever tried was Bartolini....Seymour Duncan is real good too (Dirk Lance had SDs put into his Warwicks, and I believe P-Nut may also use them)

    do you want a typical jazz bass style or do you want to design the shape too...if you design the shape keep in mind how important balance is...if it looks cool but balances like shit, it won't be fun - this will depend largely on the shape and woods you use...neck dive is something you really want to avoid

    other brands to check out is Status and Kubicki...i'm not sure if you can 'build your own' but each company has great custom options and some of thje best basses i've ever laid my hands on.....Status Stealth plays like a lucid dream, i'm serious....check out Guy Pratt on Pink Floyd PULSE or anything from Level 42....


    ^the jam at the end has some nice bass you can get a feel for..also, Guy plays a matching Fretless of the same bass, check out Hey You from the same show for an idea

    and here's some Mark King - keep in mind that you probably won't sound like this, but it gives you an idea of what you can achieve with a bass of that caliber


    ^ (the fill at around 5:18 is pretty cool, very nice sounding..though the whole song has awesome bass)

    and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKI8pFqWm0s

    all I can say is...CRUNCHY..haha....

    anyway, try to post, if you even know, what sound you're going for and stuff like that...there's a shitload of stuff to choose feom so lets try to narrow it a little bit

    also, can I recommend checking out Talkbass.com

    almost forgot:
    http://www.kubicki.com/ <--- you may really want to consider this or Status

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