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  1. Hi People hope all are good 4 outside ones are critical Kush (20 days old) and middle is sour diesel (8 days old) just wondered what the cause of the burnt tips are. I have been misting every other day and have the CFL close to the babies. Maybe something to with that? Or maybe something else? Any input/help would be appreciated. Peace [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. they look good dude..those first 2 leaves she'd off In time...they show potassium deficiency actually ...but that's normal as your new growth is looking good...looks almost TOO well fed as the leaves turn kinda dark green when it's like that. maintian the run off ph and the ec...and go to bigger pots soon...


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  3. Looks like the light burn I get from my cfls. They need to be kept about 2 inches or less away from the plant to burn though. And it's usually not that bad on mine. And very occasionaL. Although 1-2 inches away is ideal for cfl.
    I'm not an expert by any means. Only been researching for the past several months during my first grow. But that's what it looks like to me.
    Or maybe some nutrient burn
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  4. Edit: your tips don't look that crspy actually so I'd go with what ghost suggested. tips get more wrinkly and crispy when burnt. Plus the fact that the lowest leaf has the symptoms. Tops would obviously burn worse. And bottoms shouldn't be effected. Maybe run some water through them and give them a lighter dose of nutes on your next scheduled feeding? If you're feeding them. lol I'm all over the place today ignore me right now.
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  5. Also looks like they're ready for a transplant

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  6. Thanks for the help guys! Get what you're saying about the burn not being on the top leaves. Was planning to repot Saturday (that's when I get my perlite to mix with my all mix soil) used normal potting soil for the critical kush cos I was eager to start but on the sour diesel I planted straight in the all mix which it seems to like. Not sure if to switch to hps or give the sour diesel another week then switch?

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  7. How many actual watts of cfl? Looks like a decent amount

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  8. Think it's only 125 watt. Not feeding at the mo! When I transplant into all mix soil is it worth giving them 1/4 strength nutes?

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