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  1. MY leaves are under 1000w for her first time. They're 10 weeks old.

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  2. Burnt tips is usually a sign of slight nute burn... What are you feeding?
  3. Botanic Care pure blend grow, fish fert, rock super charge root tonic, cal mag. Rabbit manure and steer manure.
  4. I think it's nute burn, not the most experienced out here, so you may want to wait on more advice... I'd flush, then lower the strength of feedings, then see what happens. Good luck on your issues!
  5. that is what nute burn looks like all day long.

    water the hell out of them with no nutes. cut the burnt tips off (at least cut a decent sized section) and look to see how it looks in a day or two. if theres no more burn... you know that was your problem. then dilute your nutes down a bit and go from there.
  6. Its def nute burn.Flush,and feed only water the next few waterings.Then when it does need food,"and youll know cuz new growth will be very light green".Then feed at 1/2 or even 1/4 the amount you origanally tried.

  7. Thank you guys. 2 weeks before flowering
  8. How does the temp and humidity look?

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