Burnt tips curling downward(pics) please help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tonerboner, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. To put things in perspective, I am 2-3 weeks from my very first harvest. I myself am still noob, BUT I have had pH issues off and on the whole grow. If your pH is off, symptoms will likely show as deficiencies but in reality pH levels lock out certain nutes at certain pH levels. Trying to correct the symptomatic "deficiency" with additional nutes only makes matters worse. Get your pH in line first.

    IF you have a pool or spa supply store, they may analyze your tap water for free. This will at least let you know what you need to be doing with your tap water. Personally, my tap spits out 200+ ppm alkalinity, which keeps upward pressure on the pH in soil. It's a bitch, but proper identification of the problem is the only way to actually solve it.

    gl dude
  2. Its no problem i too am on my first grow and on my 6 week flowering. I think the reason i have ph problems is because of the soil i used (50/50 kellogs organic potting soil and kellogs amend.) and because i didnt use a ph meter for the veg cycle!! But thanks man even us noob can help with some things.
  3. did your soil come with a matchbox car at the bottom? :p

    i have had great success with azamax and small dish soap mixture. i really think neem is an amazing preventative measure, and reccomend using some type of neem product just as a precaution. for future refrence :smoking:

    if you do start to have a problem, the neem is an insect growth regulator and it WILL help your problem not get out of control. ive been using a neem product since i started growing...i had one mite problem while using it (dyna grow neem oil). ever since i switched to azamax ive had no problems
  4. I just sprwyed them down with liquid lady bug after the 3 application of zero tolerence. The guys at the hydro store said that mighty wash is good and people have been buy the 5 gallons. But i was using neem, same as you, but just recently stop to use zerotolerance. Im gunna try azamax next but im 2-3 weeks from harvest. And i remember hearin u couldnt use it all the way through.

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