Burnt tips curling downward(pics) please help

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    So im new to growing and i started off good but kinda going down hill and need some help. Please GC help me out!

    Ok i have a coupke clones from a local dispencery, one grapefruit og and another headband X blue dream. I started them of in 50% kellogs organic amend 50% kellogs organic patio soil. They are in 5 gal pots and hbxbd is 33" and gfog is 28" and 3 weeks 5 days into flowering. As for nutes im using fox farm trio.

    Now i know i have a spider mite problem but it seems to be under control. I am using neem oil by dyna-grow. Its going goood so far.

    Ok so ive been feeding by the bottle but i guess i fucked up big time cause ive been feeding every time, but i was toking it up couple daysbago before feeding and i started to read the bottles and its every other watering!!! Doh! So i bought the growers bible by jorge cervantes, milwakee ph meter, aircooled hood and inline fan and read it so i came up with a couple problems.

    So km thinking it couple be a ph problem, plant dosnt like the soil, ca/mg def. and or nute burn. But since im not sure what to look for(im more ofna hands on person but i got no one to learn from lol)i thought i would ask u before i try anything and get some input.

    Ill atach some pics of them for u guys to see. But i have burned tips that curl downward and and fan leave turn yellow and die slowly. The white pistls on buds are startig to turn brown but i dont know if thats normal. Now to info of enviorment:
    First w/o new stuff- temps 82-86 day with light on 50-60% humidity
    Under 400 w hps and 1 20" 96 w florecent 10000k aquarium life light horizontal for lower branches. Portable a/c unit on side or growin closet. Its 3x3x7
    With new stuff-
    Temps 77-79 day 40-50% humidity and nice air flow i must say.
    And no smell, i made a carbon filter out of two pencil cups and this shit its dope. But any ways please but help me out. I also got a outdoors alien og that i mighg need help with.

    So today i did a flush to try to get all nutes and salt build up out.
    15 gals each of r/o water at 6.2-6.4ph and run off was at 7.1-7.2 ph
    Now what should i do??

    Headband X Blue Dream

    Grapefruit OG
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    Sorry for lo ng post didnt relize that it was that long. But how do u go about uploadin pics through a iphone
  3. Bump! Please help
  4. Get the app I can't help without pics but sounds like severe nutrition burn
  5. Pics up!! If u guys need any more feel free to ask
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    Double post
  7. Any one??? Please help me
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    Dude those spidermites are feasting on your plants that's what all those yellow spots are. Get some liquid lady bug works like a charm
  9. Yea i know bro im gunna get some azamax but never herd of liquid lady bug?
  10. Bump!! A little help please! I just found spider mites on my two clones i have groing. I got some "Zero Tolerance" any thought on it? Guy at the hydro store said its safe to spay up to a week before harvest. Ideas? And do i have a nute def or just nute burn? Again more pics just let me know where!!! Help!!
  11. An effective natural foliar pesticide is h2o with natural freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a drop of handsoap if you have any, then mix it and spray on leaves and undersides of leaves, not directly at the nugs. I actually use this and it removed significant amounts of spidermites and their eggs. But I want to try a seaweed extract foliar spray, as the smell of the seaweed deters some bugs and feeds the plant at the same time :).

    also, Seems as if you were overfeeding -wilted and droopy dead leaves. I would stop using any nutes for a while and feed with plain h2o (add 1 table spoon per gallon blackstrap molasses, if you need the Micronutrients)
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    Ok sounds good as for the molasses it is the blackstrap un-sulfred?

    Edit: when do you guys spray? Cause i have my setup in garage with ac . And i read on gc that when water droplets sit on leaves surface the light hits it and the water magnifies the light And burs the plant.( thats what i thought before i knew it was spider mites cause i was spraying plain water)
  13. If your temps and humidity are correct, then those water drops won't stay on the leaves long enough to cause any magnifying effect. I've heard people talk about this, but I've never seen it be an issue. I spray mine lightly with PHd water every couple days, just because I like to.

    After you flush, start back with the proper nutrients. Be sure to trim off damaged leaves while you work on getting those mites in check. That crusty yellow leaf isn't providing any value to your plant anymore, yet provides one extra place for creepy crawlys to hide.

    For a future grow, I'd like like to suggest something super simple. A Hempy bucket grow. Easy to control your PH/nutrients, and it's super effective, while being so simple, even a stoner can do it! It does away with all the pest issues associated with soil, but you still get the hands on interaction of watering on a regular basis, like a soil grow. I think it's more manageable, and will help build your growing confidence!

    Best of luck,
  14. The burn ends is from overfert. Strait H2O until leaves perk up. As for the spider mites this is a huge problem, I have had them n the past and I couldn't win that war! Azarmax I tried and it would kill the live one but the eggs will live. I battled until the end and chopped it up as it is what it is. The clones have the best chance bc there small, cut the fans off the larger plants but not all of them don't go crazy. Spray right b4 light goes off or the light will burn wet plant. I got the crop but lots of extra work and never did get rid of the mites totally. I had to shut it down 4 a couple months and I seriously cleaned, no died leaves no dirt nothing in the room. This time they r gone thankfully. Hope that helps! P.s. don't go n anybody elses room or give clones while having the mite! Keep them out of yours too!
  15. Ok sounds good. But any one have any thoughts on the "Zero Tolerance"?
  16. I tried everything you could spray on them didn't work. The eggs wouldn't die. Not saying not to try it but don't get your hopes up! The weed will have a shit taste if u spray to much but I know them things multiple like crazy. I even tryed buying lady bugs of the internet, damned things flying all over the room just was a mess. I hate to say it but your best bet is to finish what u got and close shop 4 awhile. Let me know if any u try works would love to get some 4a just incase. Hit me up if you have any more????
  17. Liquid ladybug is an organic spidercide that will keel them and there eggs over in one spray. And you can leave the lights on and use up to the last week of flowering. Good luck.
  18. spray the undersides of the leaves like so- by simply putting your hand on the top of the leaves, as if it were your hand, by doing this you will have the undersides of the leaves in exposed in your palm which is covering the spray of the h20 and lime juice and a drop of liquid hand soap. just spray it twice and with the tips of your finger lightly smear the water droplets to expand it. do not over do it with any fert or insecticide, try organics first, it works for outdoors and indoors. also make sure the room/cabinet is completely sealed and clean. look in the sick and dying plants section and the bug pit stop, look for them they are very informative.

  19. Well, I can't believe nobody has mentioned your pH. Sounds like your pH is way high. Soil ideally should be around 6.5, around 5.8 for hydro.

    Your runoff should be at the 6.5 level and certainly not over 7.0.

    Hope this helps.
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    Oh Em Geee!!! Thank you!!!! Ive been lookin for how ideal soild ph should be!! And yes i do think its a ph problem im trying to get a hold on it because im still new to the growing scene but i find the ph meter and accuracy of the meter making me skeptical abou the actual ph. I havea milwake ph meter i know its the xheap but im broke i would love a good meter. Soon baby soon! Any input would be great!!!

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