Burnt tips and sugar leaves twisting?

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  1. My girl is almost in week 4 of flower. First grow so have definitely had ups and downs. Sugar leaves are twisting and kinda longer than they should be I feel like? Bottom leaves are clawing, burnt tips, purple stems and some leaves are yellowing. I feed,water,feed. In 5 gal pot, FFOF soil...pH is 7.1 but just started phng my water a couple weeks ago to 6. Runoff is almost always exactly what goes in. I water every 3-4 days or just when she's dry. Won't let me post a pic of her on here for some reason. Just says error everytime. Temp stays 72-79F and RH between 35-45% Feeding 3/4-1 tsp per gallon of lotus bloom with pH 6 tap water. Let me know what you guys think it could be. Figuring it's pH. I know you guys can't tell me a whole lot without pics but just any help would be appreciated. Really wanna make it to the finish since I've made it this far.
  2. 6.0 is low for soil especially in flower. Look at a soil ph chart. I'd show one but cant downsize enough to add the picture. Grasscity is going through technical issues. The clawing is either over watering or nitrogen toxicity possibly ph issue. 7.1ph is fine for flower. Burned tips is nutrient burn. Twisting could have a multitude of causes. The ones listed above plus several others. Here's a article hopefully something will help Cannabis Leaf Curl: Fix Twisting, Curling, and Clawing Leaves - IndoGrow
    Showing pics help vs just giving a description.

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