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Burnt Rubber Taste!/Smell Please help

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Cannabliss88, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. So I just picked up a DaVinci portable vape for $250 at a local headshop. Davinci Vaporizer | Pocket Vaporizer | Portable Vaporizer | Digital Vaporizer | Da Vinci Vaporizer Best Vaporizer

    So to get to the point I turned it on without any herb for a "dry run" as the guy at the headshop recommended and there was the distinct taste of burning rubber (or perhaps plastic?)

    So before I put anything in it I want to make sure I didn't waste that money only to replace the toxic tar and shit with toxic plastic fumes:eek:

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is this common to all portable units or most of them?

    I am currently running it on full power and letting it sit. When I first did this random smoke came out (and its empty:eek::eek::eek:)

    How long has it taken you guys to "break in" a vape like this or is this just a shitty vape?
  2. Unless you have reason not to, I'd return it right away and tell them why.

    That is a lot to pay for a second-rate portable IMO. Get yourself a Solo or a Pax ($250).

    If it were me and I was keeping it, I guess I'd just run the thing until there is no more smell, but honestly, that's a big red flag to me, I'd get rid of it. If it is rubber or something you could get sick inhaling it (nauseous I mean, not deadly ill).

    For a top-end investment of $250 (which it is for a portable), I would deem that unit unacceptable.
  3. I should have done more research. I can not recommend the DaVinci because of this one major flaw but because of the high it gave me I'll probably just use it once in a while till I can afford something better. I'm sticking to glass on glass from now on.
  4. Hopefully it'll burn off. Vaporizers almost always recommend a good burn in for shipping/factory oils or what-have-you. She's a fine vaporizer, I hope the smell/taste goes away for you.

    Can you at least get a replacement? You should get some respect from the shop for spending that amount.
  5. Hi, I saw this thread and figuered I'd jump on this. DaVinci had a batch of units go out that were not properly cured..or "burned in" as BC Vapo said. This is pretty standard practice in the industry. If you're having any problems with it creating vapor when it shouldn't, call their customer service and they'll get you another one out asap. The issue has been completely resolved. (and yes...I work there to be completely open)
  6. Pax also had this issue, or a button thing I forget exactly. Solo also had inferior glue or something in the early release models too, which was fixed in later models.

    I'd take DVegas' advice and at least call the CS and see if they can replace it for you. The shop may have been getting rid of older inventory at your expense, or they just didn't know.

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