Burnt plants!!!! NEED HELP!!!

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  1. I just had surgery and was out of town for six days. I put about 6 inches of clearance between the lights and the plants before I left town. When I came back there was about 8 inches of new growth. These are auto flowers so it isn't that unexpected. The bad news is the plants grew into the lights and now the main stem is burnt on both plants. These plants are one week into flowering and I'm just curious if they will recover and still grow main colas or will the plants be stunted? Is there Anything I can do as far as removing burnt plant tissue or should I just leave them and hope that they grow?

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  2. They will recover. MJ is very resilient. I would remove any plant material that's over 75% damaged.

    Hoping everything went well with the surgery, and for a speedy recovery.

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