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Burnt Out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, May 27, 2003.

  1. i think when i run outta weed real quick i think ima stop for awhile, im finally just gettin to burnt out. A few yrs of constant smokin everyday is addin up, i just feel all slugish and shit and just well brunt out.... So ima give myself a rest and quit for a few days (once i run out of herb) so wish me luck.
  2. Good Luck!!! but make sure to check up on the city everyday!
  3. damn good luck and u will get your tolerance down while your at it too! dont quit forever!
  4. Good luck, I told myself before that I was going to quit but it is really tempting to buy more weed when friends bring it over and they only have one bowl left..

  5. I get burnt out a lot..I lay off puffing for a doenst do me too much good as I find myself drinking a lot more..but whe I find that clear space between my head once and a while, things feel good, then I realize I miss toking..
  6. heh i dunno what i was talkin about, it was like 8am when i made that not burnt out, i was just tired , now that its 7:30 im ready to smmmmmmmoooookkkkkeee.......that whole quittin thing didnt last too long lol
  7. never does :)
  8. lol ;)

    I call it - relaxed to the extreme - , not burnt out ;)

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