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Burnt out...takin a break.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. ive done a lot of thinking lately, and ive kinda decided im getting high for the wrong reasons, and ive been doing it for some time, im going to take a step back for a while and see if i cant get my head on straight...the past two months or so have kinda ran together and become a big blur, and i dont remember much, wake a bakes out the ass, the only time i would experience things was while i was high, the rest of the time it was as though my senses were numb, im tired all the time...and theres so much more, ill prolly start back in a month or too...or maybe not, i dont really know, but im gonna be gone for a while..just think about things, i hope you all stay well, and hope to see a lot of you still here when i come back...and ....yeah. i hope you all have a great and wonderful day, everday forever.....


  2. I am SO going to miss you, Norman. I have been where you are several times and you will do what is best for you and I wish you nothing but the best. Damnit, you caught me on a night when I've been shooting tequila and gettin' high so I have a few tears falling here. Damnit, Norm!

    Basically...I luv ya, man, and will miss ya...alot! No matter what you decide to do for yourself...high or not, you are always welcome here. Please, just stop in and say "HI!". You've had too much of an impact here to just leave us hangin', Norm, my man!!!!! ;)
  3. think of this as my last laugh...this is me..stoned out of my mind some time ago...remember me this way...LMMFAO...:D

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  4. Christ man, you have a lot of eyebrow. Anyways, you didnt know me but I read here a lot so I feel like I know you. Hope you find what your searching for.
  5. damn nam, i feel ya on this one. i remember a few weeks back when I took a break. For me, it was mostly because like u said, everything was a blur, smoking everyday, as much as possible and not doing anything sober. Then I started again, but tonight, my friend said something that got to me. We've all been sober from weed since last wednesday, and this was the first friday and saturday strait in a while that we didn't smoke up or anything. We still had a lot of fun though, and relized that weed wasn't a necessity, but more of a bonus that made things better then they were. Just my words of wisdom on the topic. Yet anyways, there comes a time where u feel that a break is needed and where u just need to think life over. Good luck man, red eyes gonna miss ya.
  6. Norm, have a good break! I hope your head clears up and you start feeling back to "normal" again, and remember the past 2 months a little better. It's always good to take a refresher, I recently took a week off and I gained quite a bit of perspective as to what I want to do with my future, so it was REALLY benificial.

    Hope you come back soon! You don't have to leave the board just coz you aren't stoned, you know. :D
  7. Taking a break is a good thing to do. Ya don't have to stop posting just because you stopped toking.

    Keep us in the back of your mind.

  8. Shit im sorry to hear about that....But think about this, now you'll have so much exra money to spend on all kinds of shit.
  9. ok i haven't really talked to you much but you were one of the ppl that made me crack up when reading the site. good luck with taking the break

    does anyone agree that theres a resemblace between the pic he posted and his avatar

    later friend
  10. Wow namron. This is just so fucking odd. I read your post and you described me exactly. I just sat back thinking about this for a while and have come to the decision of stopping for a while as well. I too have had a very fast summer that I can barely remember. It seems like for the past three months it's been like this: Get to work late. smoke during work smoke after work. Go home smoke a joint smoke a few bowls then smoke the roach then watch TV or get online until it's 3:00AM and go to bed with 5 hours of sleep. I love being constantly high but that the worst thing you can do in my opinion. After a while your high becomes your reality and then when you are not high life just seems to damn boring. I will not buy any more weed for a while. I don't know how long, but I do not believe I will have a problem to stop smoking. I mean the only reason I smoke as much as I do is because it's so easy to get it and everyone I work with smokes everyday. But I won't have a problem at work because I can just keep myself busy. But seriously I have been thinking about this for a while now and have starting looking in herbal methods to enhance my senses. Like instead of drinking pop all day I have starting drinking Sobe drinks. and drink to eat better foods and take some vitamins. I was even thinking about that Ginseng and Ginko-Biloba and give that a try (Hope I got the names right) Well anyway I think it would be good for the all the heavier smokers to take a break every once in a while. You know you reap the rewards when you are done with your break. It would probably be like one of your first times getting high. Anyway just wanted to let you know what I thought. Tomorrow will most likely be my last day since im not buying anymore for a while.
    Really sorry if this doesn't make any sense. I am high at the moment


    I Will Miss ya buddy ol pal....

    ....So will the rest of "the gang"...

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  12. ok..well...heres the story...sunday night blnkboi came out, and we stayed up ALL NIGHT...we had a quarter sack and drug it out, it was supposed to be my LAST toke into the sunset (ironic) anyway, we toked all night dragging out this quarter and tokin a bowl of good ol thc soaked roachweed, and we drive across the road at about 4 in the morning, and lie down in the bed of the truck, and i start the thinking about stuff, about getting high and everything, and then we see some thing entering earths atmosphere and it was the greatest most beautiful experience, it broke into pieces and they had tails, and they broke and had tails and in my mind it lasted forever, but it wasnt even a second, it was freaking amazing, and then the thought came that that experience was only enhanced by the sweet sweet plant, so were zoning out and notice that the sun is coming up, so then we go get a lil refreshed off of air conditioner air at my house and drive down the road to a pasture, and there is fog and beautiful horses and that alone was amazing, then the birds started chirping and tweeting, and the first rays were breaking over the horizon, although the sun wasnt visible yet we could see it painting the cloudtops in the distance bright pink and orange, and we could see the rays slowly decending to earth as the sun more and more reached our horizon, and then the rays touched the tree tops, then finally we saw the sun peak, it was the second, greatest thing that had happened that night, the first greatest experience in my life, and these two things, this whole experience occured while i was high, and it wasnt for the wrong reasons, it completed the experience, sure it would have been great non stoned, but that truly made it so much better, it was way better than any pic unoit could post, way better than any description element could give, i have decided not to quit smoking marijuana, only to do it for the right reasons, and i feel i will know when they come, the days of me getting blazed out of boredom, or getting blazed just to say HAHA im blazed, are over, heh, sure the occasional wake n bake has its place, and the recreational stoning will occur, but in a corny sorta way, it was as tho the sun came up anew on my stonerhood... my perception of life has changed, things have changed...but im back :D...and damnit nubs...almost made me tear up with that gif...and christ man, i do have a lot of brow...anyway, thanks to all who thought of me, and to all who posted, and for the support or whatever....i feel like this has been a terribly quick decision, but i know it is the right one..heh, i made my decision in the time it takes a sun to rise....

  13. you are one of the funniest guys on here , i like reading your posts , you apear to be an old soul , i dig the hat man !!! you sound like a very responsible young man . have a great day. looking forword to seeing ya again! patch
  14. All joking aside, I would have been very sad if you left grasscity....Im glad you chose to stay normsy poo... and that description of watching the sun come up in the morning with your bud totally parallels the renewing sensation I get on saturdays when I work. I get up at 4 in the morning and drive downtown to start setting up and just as Ive smoked my first bowl with my coworkers the sun starts to rise and the birds start to chirp. The entire city seems like a ghost town at that time,buildings are empty, silent, dead, the only thing around is me, my 3 or 4 coworkers and the birds, all of us just taking a moment to enjoy life. I always find myself thinking at that moment "god, this is the most beautiful thing Ive ever experienced..." the crisp air, and morning dew, the slightly foggy atmosphere and then to have the sun slowly peak up over the mountain range off in the distance is just beautiful, and I for sure know that its beautiful without the bud, but on those saturday mornings after a week of partying and abusing marijuana, I always come to the same conclusion that "this..this moment right here, right now, me and nature both waking up is what marijuana was meant for..." those weekly experiences are what make me love this plant. People often times abuse marijuana thinking its only for "getting fucked up", but when you take a moment like that after smoking a bowl, its like this spiritual awakening that feels like it couldn't have been as mind blowing without the plant...I dunno, im kinda haxin about on the forums, I have a nice buzz going and when I read your last post normsy poo it hit the nail on the head....basically Im glad that you made the right decision and Its good to have ya back bro.
    The Almighty Nubster
  15. I knew you'd be back so I waited to post. COme on, admit it, I know the real reason you came back. You just couldn't stand being away from me. I know you love the pirate pants more than life itself and could never be away from my flowery undies for more than a day or two before you start to fall apart *lol*

    Just kidding, I love ya man and i'm glad your back ;)
  16. yeah, it was totally the flower undies..for sure:D...

    i guess basically, i was high all the time, and it just became normal for me to be like that, and i didnt really remember what it was like to NOT be high, so taking those two or three days off and not being high brought a sense of real reality back to me, and then i experienced that space junk or whatever the amazing re entry stuff was, and then the sunrise, and it just blew me away, i had lost touch with what things were about for a back to earth now, my heads on straight, and im saying a special "im baaack" to the almighty nubs!...

    (RMJL...we got to get crackin on that spy thing we got goin on him)

  17. (...I know...I especially need to get busy...we'll set it all up...)
  18. (what can i do to help fellas?)
  19. (keep all of your blinds open as much as possible...and dont close the door when your on the pot...also, you can pass the blunts and j's our way....i mean umm...errr)

    what?..did you hear something RMJL?....i think theres skeeters in muh room...hmm....umm..goin to bed 0_o
  20. I think once in a while we all need those epiphany moments to really reflect on what smoking is about. I totally agree with nubbin, too many people see smoking herb the same way they see drinking alcohol. It's all just lumped into one uninformed catagory of 'getting fucked up'. If that is all you can take from the expirience, then smoking isn't for you. All drugs, really. You can't just revel in being out of control.

    Marijuana is a substance that can be utilized in almost any way your mind wants to utilize it. It can be used to gain insight, increase creativity, or to simply enhance fun. While I am a fairly heavy smoker, I never smoke just to be fucked up, I concentrate on the high and sharpen my mind until its focused into whatever I want.

    I'm glad you had one of those moments, nam. Sometimes shit like that brings life into focus for just long enough for you to realize important things. Plus--if you weren't on these boards anymore me and kronos would have to take over as the resident wierdos alone. :(

    See ya around ;)

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