Burnt out cartridge coils. What should i do? Transfer over?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mr_Orange_4747, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. 2 of my vape cartridges stopped working. Took them to a vape shop and they said I burnt out the coils not knowing about the voltage limit.

    I have also happen to own a v2 vape pen that has the type of cartridge where you have to manually fill up yourself.

    So...can I just pull the lid off those burnt out vape cartridges and just pour them into the v2 one?

    First off, is there any difference in the cocktail of ingredients that belong to the screw-on type cartridges vs those mini syringes of the manual fill up types? Any compatibility issues?.....I'm assuming not.

    Second, im worried about spilling and wasting liquid when trying this since the opening is pretty narrow on the v2 manual fill cartridge (the e-liquid usually comes in a mini syringe). I found this video online of these guys using some ebay-syringes to fully milk the bottom of their cartridges:

    Is this a good way to do it? Any other ways?

    Is there any way to just fix those cartridges i burnt out?
  2. Blunt nosed needle and syringe is key, don't get that juice on your skin, and transfer the stuff to a new cartridge, remember to prime your carts before use with the battery! Let them sit, give them a few pulls, then connect and vape! Good luck! Sometimes the juice that comes in the prefilled is very high nicotine so be very careful opening the carts! Don't allow the trash to be accessable to critters!
  3. there's nicotine in weed cartridges?
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  4. Use a hypodermic needle like for diabetes.

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  5. My mistake, habit of vape gear stuff, although canna could cross the barrier in the skin a bit but more the pet and child warning does apply. Nic in weed carts does not work well in my tersting for sure.
  6. Some of the carts I get are very thick. Even after using a syringe there's still a lot of sticky goodness on the sides. I just wipe it down with my dab tool and get another hit or two.
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  7. If you get a cartridge where a lot of it crystallizes to the sides(and the shop you got it from won't just replace a subpar product...) CAREFULLY cover the bottom(any plastic/metal, but most importantly, the coil thread itself,) bring a pot of water to a slow boil, and dip it in from the top end(do not let anything get in through the top!) After about 20-30 seconds anything melted to the sides should be hot enough to sink right back to the bottom. Probably want to wear gloves if you're gonna try this though. But it does work. It's what they say to do at shops.

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  8. Yeah same here. It's because we know what we're doing. I know SO many people willing to spend $75-90 on an indica cart that's "clear enough." So you're saying you want to be 100% sure that your oil was made from premature product? I want my oil the color the trichs were at time of harvest. With many strains this means amber/brown is better than yellow/clear...

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  9. if its too thick to get out and hard to get out with a needle to can warm it up in a little bottle with pg in the bottle.

    put the tank in the bottle, (glass dropper bottle) 2 ml of pg, put it in a pot on simmer. It will heat up the liquid pulling it out of the tank into the pg will dilute the oil some but better than wasting it.
  10. this worked btw. Bought the same syringes from thee video off ebay.

    Used a blow dryer to warm up the cartridge.

    .Transfered it over the my v2 e -liqud cartridge/
  11. The oil in cartridges isn't decarboxylated. There would be next to zero effect from skin contact.

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  13. It's hard to say but it seems like you just need some direction. Is there someone near that can help? Without knowing the device you are working with it is hard to say. What device do you have?

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