Burnt or deficiency?!

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    Planted this violator 3 weeks ago, cant tell whether this is potassium deficiency or if this strain was finicky and got burnt from my soil mix being too hot when I planted it? But even the new growth is appearing to have burnt tips.

    Theres 4 plants, candy kush, white widow, strawberry fields and the violator. All 3 other plants seem to be doing quite well especially the candy kush. They're planted in the ground in a good spot that gets sun most of the day in about 24"x18" holes, I'm trying to go the no-till organic route, the soil mix I used was promix hp, some humus top soil, and some backyard compost, the amendments I used were worm castings, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, basalt rock dust, canola meal and rock phosphate. Planning on feeding with compost teas and sprouted seed teas, but I have not done so yet, only watered them. I'd appreciate any insight you guys might have...
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  2. If the leaf discolorations appeared suddenly, all-at-once, then the cause is abiotic. Meaning it's environmental - soil too dry or wet, pesticide or fertilizer burn, extreme temperature variables etc.
    If the discoloration spread gradually, then it's a biotic cause. Insects, fungus, virus or some other pathogen.
    I'm leaning toward the roots nutrient uptake ability being compromised by a soil born fungus.
    Are you using any unsterilized manures in the grow medium?
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  3. Just nute burn to me, if it's affecting new growth ( burnt tip's & serration's ect; ) it's a mobile element causing this.

    You've given no extra info on your grow so, i think that's your lot from me:)
  4. Nope no unsterilized manures used. I added some more info about the grow and medium I used to the initial post
  5. Sorry for being so vague mate, was in a rush when I first made the thread, I've added some more info now. I appreciate the help

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