Burns on 2 of 6/ Two week old plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FlipDeDank, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. It's the front two super lemon haze and tangerine dream the 4 in the back are doing fine. But the front two have burnt tips starting to show up.

    Fox farm ocean forest and 6.5 ph'd water from day one haven't fed them anything.

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  2. Boo fuckin hoo. You got one millimeter of yellow on your leaves.

    Your plants look great. Don't freak over small shit. Otherwise you'll REALLY freak when the actually bad shit happens - and bad shit does happen on occasion.

    Look pretty small for two weeks lower those cfl's
  3. Ohh and I found that some eye candy always helps when lookin for help haha

    here ya go fellow members

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  4. Boo fuckin hoo is definitely one way to look it man :cool:. Guessing you've done this a few times. It being my first grow and only being two weeks in to it, this happens to be one of my first problems. After having have done some research and coming to the conclusion it can either be mag def or nitrogen def I'm really just looking for some confirmation or direction into the right diagnosis.

    125 watt cfl 6500k spectrum is about 5 inches away do I lower it? It produces almost no heat. I plan on switching to a 400 watt mh in a week or two when i transfer these babies into 3 gallon bags

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