Burning this tonight...

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  1. Purchased a SSV today, should arrive next week sometime. BUT smoking on this now. :cool: My just chilled Sheldon Black 5x55 6 shooter Scrilla.
  2. Niiiccceee. They gave out one of those at Concert around here and a friend of mine won it. Well, we tried it out and mann are those Sheldon Black's tasty!
  3. Oops, did not wait for them to upload before submitting. :rolleyes:

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  4. exact one i have. treat it nice, in all my years its maybe the best piece ive hit. the bowl it comes with sucks though imo, its got a huge hole and its too narrow to get a glass screen in. i have a b wilson dd slide on mine and its perfect.

    ***edit--i see youve already got a diff bowl on there.....nice!
  5. Nice choice on the SSV! Also, nice glass! Can't go wrong with Sheldon Black.

  6. HAHAHA YEA, I actually have another Ben Wilson DD in transit at the moment. Got tired of my pot fall through the punch.

  7. Thanks and Thanks...Love the sig

    I have Rand representing me now.

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