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Burning myself smoking out of glass pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InfinitelyHigh, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hey, :hello:First post here.. I know this may sound fairly retarded.. but I'm new to smoking, but I often times burn my finger when smoking out of a glass pipe.. Either that or I burn my lip when sucking in.. I smoke out of one of these at the bottom.. What am i doing wrong..? am i holding the lighter wrong? I try to hold it sideways... but when the wind blows its difficult. Thanks guys. and how long do lighters usually last before I have to get another one? I'm very noobish ha. :rolleyes:

  2. Also how often should i clean these things and how should i clean it?
  3. If you're burning your lip, try sucking in a little slower, or give it more time in between hits.

    As for cleaning, fill a pot that is big enough to hold it with water and place the pipe in there. Then add water and boil it. When its clean, let cool, and once dry, snag up the resin and smoke it, it WILL get you BLASTED.
  4. ^ thanks man..

    But what about burning my finger?
  5. LOL I burn my hand on the lighter a lot.
    And on my cigs...and my joints.

    I'm careless.

    It happens with hot things. :)
  6. just try to keep your fingers as far away from the flame as possible, and inhale slower if your burnin your lips and throat. and a new bic lighter usually lasts me about a month. clean your glass when it gets dirty, use iso alcohol and put it in a platic bag with your peice and alot of salt, shake till clean
  7. You'll figure out how to hold everything without burning yourself the more you actually do it, don't sweat it. I'm not sure how you mean you burn your finger. Which finger? lol

    And don't worry about being noobish I burned my fucking eyelashes last week hahaha I was ripped though but still, shit happens!
  8. If your a righty, position the lighter in your hand so your thumb is in between the bowl and the flame. So when you light the bowl, your thumb will be positioned so it won't get burnt.

    Tell me if this makes sense. If not i'll try to re-explain.
  9. I actually found a good way to avoid this is tilt the bowl to the side at a slight angle. it will be easier to manage the flame that way.
  10. doesn't make sense haha.
  11. Strike with your index finger and hold it with your thumb.
  12. I think he means like this..?

    And yes I know the flame is going up, but it follows the bowl path when inhaling.
  13. I hold mine to the side, suck the flame down, and then tilt it so the lighter is upside down, and the flame is getting sucked down so it doesn't burn the side on my thumb.

  14. i do this and slowly lower it and the flame turns towards the bowl when inhaling. That should work i guess
  15. What's this bic obsession?

    Clippers for master race!

    Refillable and the flint acts as a poker for joints.

  16. hmmm the flint comes out on those lighters? Ive only seen very few around, didnt know they were refillable!
  17. Alot of not burning your finger comes from sucking in the air/smoke. Practice makes perfect and let go it if wind comes. Your just gonna torch it.

  18. Yes mate!

    They're £1 at all of our corner shops, can swap flints around, refill and the poker that comes out is about ~2 inches?

    Great for smoking...
    ...Perfect! for joint smoking.
  19. I've heard they you shouldn't boil glass pieces as it can weaken the glass over time, unless it's Pyrex based.

    I prefer 91% iso with a little salt. Works like a charm.
  20. i usually lose my lighters before they go out..

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