Burning man festival

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  1. Been doing a bunch of research on the burning man festival, deff looks like something I should go to, art music, camping in the desert, and crazy motherfuckers everywhere!! heard that you have to be super secretive about smoking out there though because theres lots of LEOs around... anybody been to this or have some interesting info about it?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUJAFAcmG2I]A BURNING DREAM - Trailer - Burning Man Documentary - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Awww.. The playa.. Where everything you want and everything you don't want happens to you. I've heard it be called "home". I've heard people say you can have anything you want there.. As long as you want it. Where money has no value.. Where people contribute to a society.. Where art thrives.. Spirits live.. Life dances.. and fire burns.

    I can't imagine ever having to worry about smoking out on the playa. It's a gigantic place. A small city with 50,000+ people for 10 days.

    Being naked. Riding in balloons. Mutant vehicles. Interactive art. Live music. DJ's. Yoga centers. Praying buildings. Sisters and brothers. Lovers and friends. Family.

    Truly what the human experience could be. Trust me, weed is the last of these peoples concerns. That doesn't even scratch the surface of what burning man is.


  3. Damn that just sounds so fucking epic! I've heard and read so many people saying its just life changing, it's on my bucket list, hoping on being there next year. And youre saying that it's such a groove in itself that people don't need/want/have the urge to smoke weed out on the playa? I always thought something like this and the herb would go hand in hand, but I definitely don't need it to have a good time
  4. No no.. I'm sure there is tons of weed and tons of anything else that you could think of ;)
  5. I haven't but that looks like it'd be a blast!
  6. I wanna go... Maybe one day.
  7. I hear getting tickets is rough, I'm gonna stake out all the websites that sell the tickets and go for the pre-sale ones, I am determined to go!!
  8. I have followed it since it began and it has been my dream to go one day. You have to be pretty self-sufficient....no vendors. There are mini-burns in different regions of the country also.

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