Burning incense linked to respiratory cancers

Discussion in 'General' started by fuzzyl0g1c, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. The question is, what doesn't give you cancer?
  2. isnt that kind of obvious?
  3. truth
  4. hey let's have a prohibition!!!

    we could arrest everyone caught possessing incense and make it's production and supply
    illegal. That should fix the problem! [/sarcasm] :rolleyes:
  5. Yeah its kind of obvious.
  6. Maybe i shouldnt of smoked that many incenses when i was a child..

    *silently steps away*
  7. The answer is, cannabis.

  8. Lawl.

    If you're serious...

    I did that:eek:

  9. you're right man!!! Cannabis does not, and can not, give you cancer :hello:
  10. i dont like incenses any way =]
  11. been known

    that's why i never burned the stuff
  12. lol my mom just told me this 10 minutes ago when i got home. she kinda made it seem like "incense" was code word for "weed." she was all like, 'you know the news had some thing about how incense gives you lung cancer. you should really stop using that shit.'
  13. Wow, I really hope that's not true or I'm 6 shades of screwed.
  14. They followed 61,000 people and 1000 ended up with cancer. Not that crazy
  15. Well that fucking blows.
  16. Yikes! I just burned one a little bit ago. Oh well, everything can kill us anyways.
  17. I was hoping you guys would make me feel better about it, mission accomplished. :smoke:
  18. add that to the list of things that are more dangerous than marijuana
  19. You can still find a statistical significance which indicates correlation. 80% is very statistically significant, even more so when you have another 60,000 to confirm that statistical significance.

    Especially since these cancers were all upper-respiratory and lung.

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