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Burned up a $100 bill

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blu3B3rryKush, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. or i mayaswell have. I bought a Q and realized THE BUDS WERE PREMATURE and of course my dealer isn't gonna take it back. I got home smoke a fat bowl/ no high... so i rolled a j/ still not high/ rolled two blunts with the rest and smoked one/ little buzz... smoked the other one/ and finally highish, an hour later and $100 bucks shorter. like damn dude it was stringy as hell, no smell having junk! i also found two nanners and four little teeny tiny white seeds. so the grower prob chopped early as not to not get seeds but id rather have a few seeds and good weed then no seeds and shitty weed.. Anybody else ever had preamie buds and mad about it?:mad::mad:
  2. Stringy, no smell... The pot I currently have sounds a lot like this but is more potent, I hope I didn't get ripped off - my luck
  3. Why the hell would you just take that? I'd be on the phone straight away.

    That ain't a bad sale that's straight up getting jipped son.
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    Sorry for your loss man I've gotten stoned off premature before
  5. why didnt you inspect the bud before you bought it?
  6. Sucks to be you.... Just reading this thread is a major league fucking buzzz killl no offense but I am out!
  7. Just how premature were the buds? I mean even if they were chopped 2 weeks early, you would still get plenty high. Were the buds even developed at all? formed calyxes?
  8. I had a dude front a Q of stuff he KNEW was bunk. Looked good, smelled ok, but no high, at all. Nothing. I told him I wasnt paying for that shit,
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    I did look at the bud... I even told him it was preamie and he said "nah its good".. he has never fucked around before so i just went with it, his bud is always super dank.. and yes it was way early calyxes were hardly formed, red early receaded hairs from hermieing.. they were tiny loose buds the Q looked like a half... but my dealer lives an hour away and i had already driven there sooo.... fuck i shoulda listened to my gut on this one

  10. No! OMG! That poor baby didn't get a chance to fully bloom! That fucking bitch of a dealer you have! :smoking:
  11. I don't know anything about growing weed, but could you have left it out to finish maturing/drying? or is it impossible because it has been cut off the plant and was literally immature?
  12. [quote name='"Blu3B3rryKush"'] and four little teeny tiny white seeds. so the grower prob chopped early as not to not get seeds but id rather have a few seeds and good weed then no seeds and shitty weed.. :[/quote]

    This made me lol. You dont get seeds because you harvest too late, the weed gets seeds because it was pollinated.

    I would say i feel bad, but i dont because you should look at what youre gonna buy before you hand over 100 dollars...
  13. so it took you smoking 100$ of weed to realise it wasnt real. maybe you just got so stoned by the end of it you'd come full circle and were sober again.
  14. Go get your money back....
  15. I feel you bro. My first time I ever bought more than a gram I bought a half(after graduation had some cash flow) and it was the worst weed ever. Me and my buddy smoked like five bowls with the only break being the time to pack and got no feeling what so ever.
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    His plants hermied.. its very evident that he was chopping before the seeds developed so people wouldn't complain about seedy bud. yet im still complaining about the shitty tiny seedy stringy bud:mad: so read it before you try and correct me. i have grown herb several times i know how it works. alas maybe i should have been more clear the first time:rolleyes:

    and to those of you telling me to get my money back or that i should have checked it out first. 1. money back isn't an option. 2. i did. i checked out a whole 4oz of it in one of those big pickle jars.. i even smoked a bowl with my dealer but it was passed to me as i walked in the door, got pretty high too. i was told it was the same shit, so i assumed it was legit despite the looks. its evident hes fucking over his customers atm

    its shit like this that shows just one of the many reasons it should be legal
  17. You looked at it before you bought it, it was shit weed, you still bought it, now youre complaining you got shit weed? Im just confused lol
  18. bolded

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