Burned the s*** out of my lip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by damnimhigh, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. my smoking device is a plastic bottle waterfall with a metal bowl.

    The waterfall is handy because it wastes almost no pot and you get every puff of smoke. Once I unscrew the lid I wrap my mouth around the lid really fast so I don't let any of the smoke out. Last night I guess I just got too greedy because I went faster then my hand could move the lid (along with the piping hot metal bowl that the lighter had just been chilling on for like 30 seconds) and I burned the shit out of my lip.

    Holy shit it hurt the whole night and it ruined my high. Today I woke up and there was a big ass gash on the lower right corner of my mouth. I went to work high as shit today thinking everybody there thought I was going through a herpes outbreak.

    here is a pic:

    lesson learned:

    the greedy always get burned
  2. haha that sucks man...sucks u had to go to work like that and it looks like the herpes lol
  3. with the waterfall you can wrap electrical tape around the opening and put an even coating of silicone around the bottom of the cap, then you can just place it on top. But I've never done it, just my engineering imagination. Which 90% of the time works.
  4. Damn that sucks hey at least you have an awesome sig
  5. worst thread ever....jk

    suck it up comic book guy drinking something cold and licking your lip helps a lot
  6. I got smoke in my eye last time i smoked, hurt like hell. Oh, and i burnt my thumb :( hahahaha
  7. man that looks painful, keep up lubed up with some chapstick, ouch

    Burned my self yesterday to actually, made a steak on a pan grill, has a huge metal handle long and well i take it out of over and put on the stove and was like well i dont know, i was stoned maybe i wanted to smell the steak, and ran my stomach in to it, hurt so much, i freaken heard my stomach sizzle!
  8. thats why jews have such big noses, they try and take gold from the lepercaun(sp??) and he punches them in the nose

  9. cmon what have the jews done to you?
  10. Shit dude, that sucks:(

    But hey, atleast you don't got herpes!

  11. going into day 3 i have discovered that lips heal extraordinarily fast. in about a day i will able to pick the scab off and have brand new lip. human anatomy=genius
  12. MAn if you put a tip (rolled together piece of paper) in your joints, watch out. Those things can get damn hot, I was smoking a joint fast the other day and now my lip looks like the very origin of herpes lol
  13. They stole from the leprechauns?

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