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Burned Out? Need some advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SourFlowers69, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking every day the whole day for the past couple of years. Like unless I'm doing something else I'm smoking lol this is a pic of my ashtray with just the tips of the js ive smoked in between emptying it out. And half or more of my smoking is done from a bong so its about double actually and good stuff usually from cali cause i never smoked regs and mids dont do much to me anymore.
    Obviously i like smoking so i dont have a problem with being high and my eyes dont get red so unless the person already knows me they usually cant tell. I can also do just about everything high since im always high lol but although we all love the effects of weed we have to recognize that some of those effects aren't good for certain things. What i want to know is if anyone knows how long it would take me to feel sober and not burned out after stopping. I dont care about it being in my system or drug tests I'm only asking about the effects themselves. I know the effects of weed usually dont last more than 6-12 hours and even less for people with a high tolerance like me but i also know that some of the thc is stored in your body and takes longer to clear out the more you've smoked which is why it shows up on a test. I just would like to be sober or at least pretty sober for certain things.The main things are that i like to do dangerous things like race/drift etc and smoking slows down my reaction time, so if it would go away after a certain amount of time i know when to stop before i can race. another thing is sex and talking to a new girl lol i've noticed smoking makes me way more sensitive which is a hassle when u dont have a steady gf. 
    i have insomnia so i have to smoke most nights to sleep and i get really pissed sometimes and the only thing which seems to work, especially quickly enough for me not to do something stupid, is weed. i also love smoking so i dont think i want to stop i'd just like to be able to be sober a day or at least a few hours when i have something to do. does anyone know if i smoke at night if it would go away by the next day? or what about 24 hours without smoking? i smoke so much i cant really tell whether im sober or not anymore lol im not sure if im just less high than i was before. 

  2. Sounds like you're not smoking enough..
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    ^lol, that was good
  4. i smoked every day morning til night for around a year. i have insomnia too and it got a lot worse. i also got terrible anxiety and felt just overall depressed for like a month. and i had horrible nightmares where i could feel pain and that really sucked. i had to quit because i smoked some weed that had asbestos in it (i later realized) and got horribly horribly sick. i was coughing up probably your average drinking glass or 2 of phlegm a day. it also could have been the fact that i never changed my bubbler water and the water constantly went in my mouth so much that i think i just stopped noticing and probably inhaled the naaasty water. anyways theres not much i cant do when im stoned. unless i have the fear or something i can drive just fine if not better. only things i cant do are math or remembering things. i usually only wake n bake on the weekends now unless i gotta go do some bullshit. just expect it to be more of a withdrawal than people make it out to be. some people might tell you they smoked as much as you and i and didnt feel any different quitting but thats either bull shit or rare i think. you might not have any problems but you might. if you smoke more than like an 8th a day you will get really bad night sweats too. 
  5. go a day without smoking and describe how you feel to the thread, its hard to get a feel for what you mean since you never stopped smoking, so how do you even know your burnt out? 
  6. Perhaps get a job and work hard and you will not have insomnia .
  7. Join a gym.
  8. After 7 months of doing the same thing it took me about 3 days.   I would get little dabs of euphoria randomly throughout the day.  It was only for a few minutes.
  9. What I mean is just the high, slow feeling of being really high. Like the type of high where ur talking to someone and zone out in mid sentence forgetting what u were even talking about. I don't want to quit smoking so I'm no too worried about withdrawal since I can just smoke again when I'm done doing what I have to do. I don't need to be completely sober, pass a drug test, ween myself off weed or anything like that I'm just asking how long it would take me to sober up enough so I know when to stop smoking.

    Does anyone have any info on what im actually asking? I also didn't ask for advice sleeping lol "join a gym, get a job, turn off your pc, no coffee" etc I've heard it all before and it doesn't work if it was that simple there wouldn't be such a huge market for sleep aids. I also find weed preferable to taking pills especially the amount it would take me to fall asleep each night.

    I stopped going to the gym after breaking my wrist in half in football lol I still have my membership but I've literally taken a valium(prescribed) smoked a few js and bong hits and started lifting weights cause I still couldn't sleep lol even during operations the doctors have a hard time with anesthetics for me.

    I do have a job and that's what I mean about when I'm not smoking, for example I'm here right now but I smoked 20 minutes ago so I'll probabl still be pretty high when I get home. I do notice I'm a bit less relaxed and more active when I get back from work though and the only reason for that is that I havent smoked I guess cause sometimes I'll be in a really bad mood and it goes away as soon as I hit my j.
  10. It's been longer than 7 months for me and I wouldn't mind the little dabs of euphoria but how long did it take u to get ur quickness back? Was it less than three days or the same?

    Also I don't suppose anyone knows how long it would take the sensitivity to touch to wear off if u know what I mean? :) I would assume it would be less than the mental effects but I'm not sure.

    Also I do plan on stopping a day or two to do something but was trying to get some first. If I'll be at least sober enough to do wat I want to do it doesn't even matter to me if I'm a little high, but if I'll still be high weeks or a month later then there's no point cause o won't stop for that long lol
    Your normal senses should return pretty quickly.  Mine did at least.  Like you said though, you've been doing it for a lot longer.  Plus there's the fact that everyone's chemistry is different.
  12. Thanks thats what I'm looking for really. In your case how long did it take for just your normal senses to return mostly the ones I posted?

    It may not be exactly the same for me but then at least I have an idea of what to expect.
    I felt sharp and quick the next day.  Feeling came back.  The only time I didn't feel sharp minded was  during those few minutes of Euphoria.
  14. Thems some dark ashes. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Thanks again I appreciate it. I thought I felt myself quicker after work but I wouldn't spend more than those hours without smoking so I still had some effects.

    Anyways I have something/one to do on the weekend so I'll try to go at least 24-48 hours without smoking and hopefully I'll be able to notice the difference.
    If your normal and you stop smoking you should feel normal as soon as your not high? side effects include loss of appetite for 1-2 weeks depending on how much of a pot head you really are, hard to fall asleep will probably last a week or two as well, but you can always get plenty of substitutes for the hard nights (valerian root, etc)
    On the other hand if your not normal, like in my case, i still feel zoned out burnt outish 5 months after i quit lol 
    Either way if you feel smoking is messing with your ability to focus, perform life, or communicate with people (zoning out mid sentence) you probably need a break. You should also me taking Omega 3-6-9 vitamins to for your THC receptors and 5-htp for the depression you'll feel shortly after quitting.
    Dude, drifting stoned is sooo much fun. Now if your doing comp's then Id say save the J untill after the ceremony.
    Let me guess, You got a 240sx?
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    Im so burnt out lol. I smoked 10-14 grams a week of high grade weed easily. Now I smoke less than an eighth a week and I am thinking about quitting for a bit and only smoking on occasions. 

    Thanks I'll have to pick up some of those vitamins. And I definitely feel sharper after a while without smoking but not like I was befor either lol I know there are some residual effects but hopefully the strong/physical ones would go away after a day or two. That's why I said I didn't have to be completely sober just sober enough lol. And yea I don't eat much even when I smoke, without smoking I would barely eat lol. But yes I've literally stopped for a few minutes in the middle.of a conversation, still couldnt remember what I was saying just seconds ago and finally just gave up and said "wtf was I talking about?" Lol this is more common for me than u might think.

    Everything is more fun high lol but when u drift on the street you want to be able to see a car or tree and get out of the way before u hit it, not to mention you have to be on point with the counter steering or your car will spin out.

    I had a 1993 rx7 that I sold a few months back, it was my first car and I crashed it drifting lol I was high and although I did it right it didn't occur to me at the time that drifting with 20 year old brakes inside a residential area wasn't a good idea lol so to avoid hitting these little girls on the street I had to stop my car with a tree instead. Thankfully I have $3k seats on that thing so I barely budged lol. I have a new genesis turbo now with 5k miles because I already totaled the first one with 4k miles. Needless to say id like to not crash anymore and anyone who races will tell you if you race/drift you're going to.crash at some point, I just think it would be a good idea to lessen my likelihood of crashing since drifting is already fun enough on it's own lol. IMAG0080.jpg
  20. Yea. Well everyone will tell you to keep it off the streets. Find your self a local track, and/ or Drift team..... The most ill do on the streets is going to a local industrial park and tearing that up for a little bit.
    Not sure where your located but as you know drifting is becoming more and more popular. You have a Genesis, sorry but I feel you can afford some track time.... keep it safe man.
    Hows the genesis slide anyway? Running it stock?

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