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Burned my hands with mflb battery

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Forked Up, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Went to a concert last night and rocked the fuck out. Introduced the mflb to a couple friends and they digged it. Hoped in a cab to go home felt some heat in my pocket and realized the plastic case that holds the batteries popped open in my pocket :eek: I burned the shit out of each finger and the palm of my left hand with blisters and my right hand didn't fare much better. :(. Had some coinage in the pocket. Careful my fellow mflb folks! Ouch! I'm going to make sure I get caps for each battery now. I guess because I was drunk as well I didn't realize the damage that was being done. The battery leaked some contents out the top. So... Be careful blades :smoke:
  2. :smoke:

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  3. Well there is fluid leaking out of my fingers and I have never posted pics before. Tomorrow when I'm not high ill see if I can figure it out. Cheers man! I just hope my wife dosnt want foreplay for a couple of days because I don't want to explain my fucked up hands. :p
  4. Yikes, i've never done that with mine, but i've lost track of the amount of times i left the battery in too long and ignited my bud.

    Actually, i think the first time this happened i freaked out and :devious:dumped the burning weed into the palm of my hand. Left a mark, that's for sure. :smoke:

    Edit: I don't know why that first smiley is there, but when i went to delete it, i noticed it kinda looked like a guy pooping, and it was next to the word "dumped", so i lol'd.
  5. My batteries have gotten pretty hot before but not that hot lmfao
  6. Just burnt my hand. Let the two batteries sit together in the case without rubber caps. Now I have a small burn on my palm. Is it bad if a little battery acid touches you?

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