burned my face!!!

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  1. i went to a baseball game yesterday padres vs diamondbacks and it was hot. well my mom told me to add sun screen but i forgot and the game went 18 linings. well i have light skin AND i burned my knees arm and face. my face is red and looks ugly so i dont even want to go outside. i asked my mom when it was going to go away and she told me that it would take over a month,please tell me she is lying.
  2. Use sand and scrub off the dead skin.
  3. where do i get sand at my house. i dont have dead skin tho
  4. If I didn't know any better i'd say you were 15 years old
  5. na just graduated and turned 18
  6. Don't use sand, that will really fuck up your skin, plus make the redness a million times worse.

    Put some apple cider vinegar on it. Just put some on a cotton ball and put it all over your face. It'll remove the stinging and heat (which helps it heal faster)
  7. dude..use webmd....not grasscity for health advice
  8. for real!!
  9. yeah wait, what the hell, why would you post this on a marijuana forum? :confused: just kinda random, that's all.

    but yeah, put some lotion or something on it. that will help make the redness go away quicker.
  10. It's just for situations like this that I grow my own.....aloe vera plants, lol.
  11. smoke pot, then you won't give a fuck. Aloe Vera helps too.
  12. have you ever been outside before?

  13. maybe he is one of these

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  15. Hell no. He's 12
  16. Yeah im getting some 12 year old vibes up in this bitch
  17. he's definitely a ginger, speaking from experience as a ginger.
  18. My girlfriend went to a baseball game and her legs got like 1st degree burns on them, just put some aloe vera on your face and wait. When it starts peeling scrub it with a pumus stone, or a wash cloth to peel off the dead skin.. It should take a week tops for the burn to stop hurting.

    Her legs pussed up and she could barely sleep, so hopefully you aren't as bad off as she was.
  19. thats 2nd degree, 1st degree is a regular sunburn.

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