Burned my baby!! HPS burn, flowerign stage

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  1. Heya guys! I made a rookie mistake, I didn't check well enough before went to sleep and my plant either grew a lot or my bending was a bit off so when I woke up, my baby was touching hps lamp (well, not directly hps lamp because it's in a glass tube for ventilation and heat purposes but the tube gets pretty hot too). What you think I should do? SOme has said cut but others DO NOT CUT, just leave it be. And most importantly, will this affect plants growth now radically :( ? Just tell honest opinion, I can take the punch to the stomach... I attach these 2 photos so you can see clearly. Peace.

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  2. Dang buddy, that's one of your big tops. I can't really tell enough about it by your picture since it has that yellow glow from a hps bulb. Could you post one under normal lighting? TWW
  3. Oh nooo.... Might be worse than I thought... The top is crispy... Recovery seems unlikely? Darn... That might take 20-30 grams off my total yield or more? Sad day.. I wonder how that affect the whole plant in total even in lower branches when it took that damage. Does anyone have any good news XDD ?

    OOOOH! And just to clarify, this IS the top of the plant.. The other tops were other plants.. So this burned area is top of this whole baby.

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  4. Sorry to read this man. I don't know what you should do other than have a session and apologize to her:/

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  5. Looks too late to save. I'd cut the burned areas. For future reference I'd tie the branch down, or raise the light. Idk what you're grow looks like, but Iif you're after a sea of green, its better to veg less. 2 weeks is usually plenty of you're doing soilless (unless its a really slow rooting indica).

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