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  1. my 600w hps buld has burned out after only an hour of being on. Using a 600 ballast and shade. Ballast was hot but not overly hot. Wondering what you guys think it was. Faulty bulb im assuming. Has anyone dealt with this and what do u think I should be looking over. Getting another bulb tomorrow. If the bulb burns after an hour what is the prime suspect?

  2. have you used the ballast before or is it new? It's either the bulb not being able to take the power, or the ballast allowing too much power in to the bulb. Do you have a watt meter? It would be worth plugging it in when you test your new bulb to see what the ballast is drawing from the socket
  3. isnit pluged into a timer plug into another outlit and check make sure breakers didnt trip make sure ballast is on make sure all good solid connections
  4. What kind of ballast?

  5. must be the cord....bulbs will never burn out unless the dirt is bad..same with ballast, they last forever trouble free unless the dirt is bad...it isn't rocket surgery..

    how to tell if you dirt is bad, it will talk smack at ya, steal cars, call girls 'hoe' and other anti social behaviors.

    dude...you have two parts that can be at fault...bulb or ballast..[​IMG]

  6. its about 2 years old the ballast. A friends old one. Buld was brand new. It is on a timer, but using extention cable. Might plug directly to main instead. Will have a look at watt meters. Going to get a new ballast soon, but obviously need to keep running with what I got for the time being. Thanks guys.
  7. If the ballast wasn't burning bulbs out before then it probably was just a faulty bulb. Was the bulb blackened inside? Or just stopped working?
  8. yeah was completely black. Could smell slight burn as well.
  9. Yeah it sounds like the bulb was faulty. I've never heard of that happening before, but I'd keep an eye on the new bulb just in case

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