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  1. ahhh my first burn ride experience (driving around smoking a bowl with a bunch of friends) so i had just gotten off work and one of my co workers and i wanted to chill so we decided we wanted to get blazed, we both had weed yah know whatever. another waitress working wiht us asked if we were going to blaze, said she had some cinderella herb never heard of it before but it was some dank bud, so we were walkin down the road cause she knew a place to blaze and it was right on the side of the road so we said fuck that. were driving around. i asked them where we were going to blaze and the kid said, "just driving around" i was like on the main road wtf?!?!?! but it was one of my favorite experiences ever. just chilling with friends jammin out to some slightly stoopid (closer to the sun album :D) and driving around it was amazing, we had a bowl of some orange crush a bowl of that cinderella and then a joint o some mersh i had cause ima cheap lil fucker :cool:, well just thought id share it with you guys, guess what i wanted to hear was what was your first burn ride experience like? also anyone else had cinderella before?
  2. D00d, it was amazing.
    A really good friend of mine had just fronted me an eighth of a special strain we have here around my neck of the woods. It's called Big Cal, and it's SO dank. So my friend and I rolled 6, fat little pinners. Now, this was back when I was 14, and the parts that I lived in were not like your average neighborhood. So me and my friend wanted to go to the fair, but we didn't have a ride. So my friend called up her aunt, and she said yes, but she wanted to be paid for it in someway. My friend and I both very well knew she smoked, but we didn't know if she'd tell our parents if we offered to pay her back with a nice, dank joint :eek: Remember those days: "I hope my parents don't find out, or I'll have my balls chopped off!" Anyway, we got in the van, and we were driving to the fair, when my friend suddenly says, "Auntie, I smoke." She looked at her, smiled, then she looked at me and asked if I did... My face turned white, and she started cracking up. She says, "Shit, you don't need to answer that one, your face says it all!" So, I felt so much more comfortable. I pulled out the fattest joint I had with me. My friend's aunt asked what kind it was. I told her Big Cal, and I thought she was about to do back flips :hello: She shouted, "Light that shit up!" So I did, and that fat ass pinner lasted us the rest of the 15 minutes we had left in the ride. She blasted the music in the car, which sounded AMAZING! I was soaring when I stepped out of the van. We thanked her for the ride, and she thanked me for what she called her favorite dank.
    **The zipper is amazing if you're baked, but not if you're an anxiety "high" person**
  3. haha i love finding out when family members smoke so you can toke with them. sometimes it can be akward but fun.
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    Yeah, this is pretty much what my off-time during my highschool career consisted of. :smoke:
  5. Burn rides kick ass, but i don't want to lose my license so i don't smoke while driving. If one of my friends offer to blaze up in their vehicles i'm down though.

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