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burn out cure?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ashylian, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. alright I pretty much have been vapping my weed nearly every day for past 5 months and now that Im in college I find myself waking up feeling pretty much hungover from just smoking. Kinda feel weird, tired, and mad spaced which is horrible going to a 3 hour chem class and managing to remember one thing. I get 8+ hours of sleep and use good weed so not sure what this is. Anyone know any tricks to get rid of this?
  2. You sure you're smoking decent weed?

    If so, maybe you're not eating well, or your sleep isn't deep enough. Idk man, I haven't been hung over from weed in a long time, it takes some really shitty weed to d o it to me.
  3. Take a break from it. Weed should be in addition to your life, not your whole life, so when it starts fucking you up like that just let it go for a while.
  4. Try smoking another way? I don't know what to tell you ha besides that or just slow down. I rarely used to have weed hangovers at school, but a nice fat cup of coffee, a shower, and some cereal usually solved it.
  5. T-Break.
  6. Don't smoke?
  7. yeah guess my option is to only on weekends. Was just curious if there were any supplements or something to counter it
  8. Yeah Man I Get "Weed hangovers" As Well,Best Thing When You Wake
    Up And Feel All Sluggish Take A Long Shower N Drink A Few Glasses Of Water
    Then Find Something Active To Do For About 30Min's Then Let The Rest
    Of The Day Go By....When You Wake Up The Next Morning You Should Be Back
    To Normal...Hoped It Helped
  9. Try a bong with an Ice catcher, or just freezing water. Dont take huge hits, just let it flow.

    That should help some.
  10. Are you smoking seeds? i get nasty headaches when i smoke seeds.
  11. Usually hangovers are just from dehydration.
    Try drinking 1/2 - 1 glass of water before bed, and maybe 1 ibuprofen.
  12. That's alcohol. ;)

    Weed isn't a diuretic like alcohol and won't cause you to dehydrate...and no, cotton mouth from smoking isn't a sign of dehydration.

    Are you smoking indica or sativa? You might try switching and see how it effects you.

    Don't get schwag, you might be smoking more than you need to if it's less potent weed.

    This is why I like vaping, your high doesn't end in that groggy haze that sometime occurs with smoking. My assumption is the absence of smoke/carcinogens helps to prevent the groggy sensation.
  13. ^^Aw dang! My bad.
    I have noo idea then. :p
  14. Try having a cup of coffee or a energy drink.

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