Burn or deficiency?

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  1. Hello, my plant is 28 days old today total it's only been in veg for just over a week I gave it a feeding a few hours ago and it is showing signs or stress from it I am wondering if I need to flush or if it is even serious or not. I use 6.5-7.0 ph water just tested my soil pH and ppm and ph was 6.6 and ppm was 150ish I feed it a mix of guano earth worm castings and cal-mag not sure if I'm doing something wrong or made my food to hot or something Plez Halp

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  2. Also 300w led and it's about two feet away from the top of my canopy. Also use roots organic soil.
  3. After some Google boxin I think it was just a minor calcium deficiency so I gave it some cal mag. The tips aren't burnt so well see how it takes the calcium
  4. Well it don't need cal mag plants droop after they been watered

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  5. After I gave it the calcium about 30 min ago it's already snapping back and getting its green color back. I wasn't worried about it drooping I was worried about the brown dots that randomly showed up on the middle sun leaves. It's all good now tho thanks for the response!
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  6. Good luck hope she rewards ya

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