Burn or deficiency? Flummoxed! Big pics.

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    Hi there! I have two plants, one is doing reasonably well and the other seems to have stopped growing. I've looked through all the sick plant guides and I'm not sure what's wrong! I'd really like some input. :wave:

    Quick overview:

    • 6 weeks from 12/12 switch, after 28 days veg from seed (I'm calling it 5 weeks from 12/12 as I've not been too kind to them and I think they're gonna need to go a little longer)

    • 350w mixed spectrum CFL

    • Organic soil w/ added 'Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms' and organic nutrients (I have no means of testing pH as I'm told it's unnecessary)

    • Temperature: 60-75F (Out of my control)

    • Feeding every watering, 1/4 to 1/2 recommended (Watering when almost dry every ~6 days)

    First up is my Blue Mystic, she is the main worry. No new bud growth as far as I can tell for probably 2 weeks. She has small deformed new bud-leaves with yellow and brown spots, the rest of the plant looks happy but maybe a little droopy but no growth!! I moved the lights up just in case. She is in pictures 1 2 3

    Next is my Papaya, she is growing well but is browning in between the veins on some of the upper-middle leaves. (She also has a slight N overdose I think [dark green, some clawing] even though I've been feeding her lightly). So confusing! :mad: She is in pictures 4 5 6

    Picture 7 is both plants in my ghetto cabinet, Blue Mystic on the right... looking extremely under-developed for 5 weeks. Both are supposed to run 7-9 weeks flower. I think it'll be at least 9.

    I'll love you long time for some help, thanks! :smoke:
  2. Firstly, Thanx for the great info.
    I wish more would take the time to do what u did.

    2nd plant - you nailed it. N overload.

    1st plant - kinda hard to tell. I wanna say a P def, but wont - yet lol.

    Try raising The temp. Id up the nutes for the 1st plant too.

  3. I was hoping for your input Freakbro1, much appreciated.

    Just to clarify, on the 2nd plant, N overload has caused the dark green leaves, clawing and the browning shown in the pics? I didn't realise it could cause browning too. :)

    Will do as you advise. Temp might be hard to raise though :)
  4. Youre welcome.

    Yup on the N. If it is allowed to progress,
    the browning will become chlorotic/necrotic
    and cause nute burn.

    Good luck.

  5. do you have pets i hope thats a hair and not webs on picture one

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