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  1. I'm 6.5 weeks into flowering, leaves started acting all gnarly, some browning and the tips raising up. Nothing has changed from start to present, other than nutes. schedule. Not sure if its a chemical burn or some sort of nute def. I was battling mildew back in week 2-3, but I have used it on 5 others and this ones the only one doing this. Any suggestions?

    42days 12/12
    600w HPS
    day temps 79-84
    night temps 72-75
    RH% 28-40

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  2. When was the last time you flushed
  3. I don't usually.
  4. whats your pHes at?

    it looks more like a magnesium deficiency, but it could be a P def. too.
  5. ph is at 5.8-6.0
  6. Im with OSU again.

    Those "burn looking" tips look like phos.
    That upward curl looks like mag.
    Check ur pH n get back
  7. Raise the pH n feed with (this is what id use cause this is what i have) a tea with molasses and high P bat guano.
  8. coco is suppose to be flushed every three weeks... thats your problem.. flush

    your coco is holding salts thats causing the problems... flush and watch what happens... its all explained in asked's tutorial

    repost your question in the coco section... see if other coco growers will chime in... i only saw this thread because i looked at new thread postings
  9. 30 gallons later all is flushed... Thanks for your go to advice. Will wait and watch.
  10. [quote name='"fiaburn"']30 gallons later all is flushed... Thanks for your go to advice. Will wait and watch.[/quote]

  11. Sure man. Where do I start one?
  12. Hydroponic grow journals....

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