burn mark in my backseat - need help!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sirseedymcseed, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. so i was cruising to my friend's house tonight and my dumbass friend in the backseat dropped the cherry from the bong and didn't even realize it. it burnt a fat hole in my backseat and left this tar border around the center hole. what the hell do i do now? my parents get in my car occasionally and will notice a hole. i have a towel draped over it for now. but i have to get it fixed eventually. is there a service/place that i can get it fixed at? it's a new car and i'm still good with the chevy dealership - could they do anything to restore it? any tips or advice would be appreciated.
  2. dude, i feel ya that its a new car and all, but what happens happens ya know? id leave it how it is and whenever your friend who did it is in the car, make him sit where the hole is as punishment, haha
  3. im sure there is a place u can go get it checked out at.. just tell your mom one of yur homies dropped a cig..?
  4. Hahahah....
  5. shit i'm in the same boat.....

    my friend fucking dropped a fuckin deformed joint that he rolled...and shit i was driving so i was like wtf dOOd?
  6. where might i take it though. there has to be a place that specializes in restoring leather and cloth seats. i'm so pissed...

    edit: i'm not leaving a huge crater in the seat. it WILL get fixed, just a matter of time. i browsed the internet and found upholstery repair places. they seem like my best bet. and it should run under 200 bucks. should i get my friend to pay for half of the bill? or all of it? or should i pay myself.
  7. except, i don't know how to sew or patch it. and i don't want a patch. if it can be done i'd rather just spend the money so that it looks like it used to.
  8. Well i would just tell ur parents that one of ur freinds droped a cig on it

    then ur ok, then offer to fix it
  9. heres what you do-

    you pay it, its your car, im sure your friend didnt mean to, and you might cause some beef, have him smoke you up alot, and call it even

    then just go get it fixed, good as new
  10. you're right. that is good advice. i checked the phone book today for car interior/upholstery places around here and my best bet is this place near me or a chevy dealer that hires a specialty guy to come by. i just didn't say thanks.

    i blew up because his ass accused me of being less than 18. and i'll be sure to get a pic. i'm the kind of person that feels better when they made their point of being right.

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