Burn!!.. Hi, From Puerto Rico

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  1. Hey everybody..
    Im from the little island of Puerto Rico.
    I love smoking weed, mostly on blunts, to chill out..
    Even though i smoke everyday, im an athlete and marijuana helps me a lot after strong workout routines, marathons or anything at all, thats one of my best excuses between me and my friends..
    anyway, there are a lot of different kinds of marihuana, i've only tried PR'S finest, but there is much more to try out and I'm looking forward to learn about the best plant ever.. Marihuana..
  2. Welcome dude :)

    How's the bud in Puerto Rico? Is it easy to get a hold of?
  3. bud pics pleasssse.
  4. Hey man..
    the bud over here is real good and is not so expensive..
    Is not so hard to get hold of, but the best place is in a small town called La Perla, right in San Juan, they got some good skunk, here is called Creepy, and you buy-smoke right there because cops will never dare to go down there, so you can stay calm down there for a while..
    Around the island you can find weed in every "barrio" or inside the projects, where they dont bother you if you go to get your bud..
  5. Here is an old pic..
    thats what i bought for a little party i was having..

  6. From there it looks like mids, but up close its possible its could beee crazy frosty.
    It gets you high so whooo cares.
  7. I feel sorry for putting that pic.. cause thats nothing compared to the good stuff u can find here.. is still good, but not close.. anyway ill make sure i post a pic of some real good stuff im getting soon..
    that was the only pic i had..

  8. Fuck no dude, its fine!
    Just wondering what it looks like over there mid to good.
    How much is a O?
  9. Sup dude welcome to the city :D
  10. sorry man but what you mean by an O??
    If you mean an ounce, well its from 80-100 with regular stuff
    an ounce of "Creepy"(skunk), might be a little hard to find but it goes for around 200-250 and it is REAL REAL good man
  11. Damn 200 for an O? I should put Puerto Rico on the places I NEED to visit soon, beautiful place with beautiful women, and chill people. Enjoy the city dude! :D

  12. What's Up ! Puerto Rico here too, I currently live in Florida but lived all my life in Puerto Rico - Carolina T.D.S. welcome and check my grow bro !

    Suave con calmona !
  13. An ounce for 200-250?!?! Jesus...This makes me even more excited for my trip down there. Hopefully when I get down there I can find someone to hook me up. Supposed to be doing some zip lining through the forest...would be WAY better stoned. haha

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