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  1. Floraflex just released a grow guide, and it's...interesting to say the least. Doesn't really make much sense to me, and I've never heard of some of the information they claim works, i.e 10 day veg, 7 week flower, 2000ppm. Claiming plants will double or triple in size in only ten days of veg. I don't see how roots could possibly establish themselves and plants triple in size in 10 days. Any thoughts?

    Take a look for yourself. Dropbox - Burn And Turn Guide.pdf - Simplify your life
  2. interesting umol/DLI configuration they have going
  3. I think it really depends on the life cycle stage of the plant, its easy to increase a seedling 3 times the size in 10 days with just a seed, a bag of happy frog, a shot glass of water per day (increasing as needed), and about 250-350 umol on the canopy (also increasing as needed).

    Sept 6
    Sept 16

    It was an interesting read, but when they say it shortens veg times by 11-21 days, and flower times by "up to 7 days" I think to myself "I can already basically veg the plants as long or short as I want once they have the first node."

    TBH its intriguing, but until I see some non "sponsored content" showing the results from other real world growers, I'll stick with what works for me.
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  4. Yeah I'm in the same boat. There's a lot of contradictions with their first grow guide that they put out, which I have always followed since running their system. I get solid yields and I also have a dedicated veg room that can't really be used as a flower room anyways. I can just run the plants 4-5 weeks like I usually do, and immediately transfer them into my flower rooms after I cut down and clean.

    I have a spare bedroom with extra equipment, I'm gonna give it a shot and experiment with it. I'll probably make a post about it after and see if it works
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  5. It may be a type of it, but I'm talking more of their stray from the norm ideas, like their light cycle listed at 12/12 from veg through flower, a high of 2000ppm CO2, and only 9-12 plants per 4x4 light.

    It's odd because I buy rooted clones from nurseries, and I've never had them triple in size in 10 days. Imma give it a test run with two lights in a 4x8 drip tray.

    Unless they're rooting in their medium for quite some time before starting what they consider to be veg.

    That or I'm really messing something up in veg and it's taking way too long for me lol
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  6. If you work with living soil and get the biology right, that type of growth can easily be achieved. :thumbsup:
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  7. If they are going in under 12/12 then the rapid growth they are referring to is known as stretch.

    How to Prepare for the Flowering Stretch | Grow Weed Easy

    I ain't trying to throw shade on your plans or the growing method at all. A lot have people have grown like this and do really well. I wish you luck
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  8. Nah I didn't read it correctly, it's 12 hours direct light and 12 hours supplemental light in veg. So they're just doing a 24 hr veg. I didn't even see the supplemental part. Looks more of a pain in the ass than it's worth tbh.
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  9. I’m gonna start a room; follow to the T, I will post about it!
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