Buried my bong, sort of...

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  1. Sadly my bong broke recently, so I decided to bury it. But it was cold out and I was lazy so I ended up just burying the base in the ground to it looks like a gravestone. :p

  2. Use it to feed the birds!
  3. Ok I have to ask. How did you manage to break a 7mm tube?
  4. broken glass sucks...

  5. concrete floor :(
  6. i was gonna say, ive got a molino, 2 feet. and its pretty fuckin durable. straight tubes are harder tobreak imo.
  7. Haha it would be hilarious if you broke another bong and buried it next to that one with the mouth piece sticking out of the ground. Then you would have a bong grave yard bahahahaha :bongin:
  8. Leave some flowers next to it on 4/20
  9. i was just thinking about this, what if some random like 15 y.o. stoner was wondering around and just happened to step across that bongs path

    id LOVE to see his reaction to pulling a broken bong out of the ground hahahahaha
  10. Yeah i thought that to it would be like

  11. its right next to a path that lots of people smoke on so im sure plenty of young stoners will see it and weep when they realize its broken

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