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Burger or what??

Discussion in 'General' started by Hobbes, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. now who wants one of these bad mama jammas?

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  2. That's a helluvah burger there.
  3. Haha, I love the lighter comparison.
  4. You gotta be able to drop yer jaw like they do in the cartoons to eat that one.
  5. Hahah, sized it with a lighter.
  6. that looks like a mighty fine burger right there :D

    reminds me, last night I bought a six dollar burger at hardes.... now they named it the six dollar burger cause at a resturant they usually cost around that, and the whole point is that its supposed to be cheaper, yet a small combo cost close to $8 and last time i checked you usually get fries and salads and shit from a real resturant... so hardes cost more then a nice resturant....

    god damn, what pointless information I can expell!
  7. Heh the funny thing there is I made that burger you be lookin at right there. Hope you enjoyed it my man. =D
  8. Kinda off topic, but has to do with burgers, nonetheless.

    Anywho, I was in Nebraska one time, in this small ass town with only one building, called Bobs or something, it was a resturant. But for like two bucks, you get a burger, and no joke, the actual burger is like ten inches in diameter. And its got a little ass bun on top of it. Soooo good. Plus you can get a huge plateful of fries for like two bucks. Everything was mad cheap.
  9. ^^^^^i love cheap shit
  10. I second that ^

    but only if your not buying, otherwise I'd go buy a real real good burger from a real real good resturant
  11. ah delishious burger... how i wish for another.. lol

    i think ill get one in a few mineuts

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