Burger Kings tendercrisp chicken sandwich

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Aint got SHIT on the damn triple/quad stacker or any other staple of their menu! I saw a commercial for it, so I ran and got me one cause I hadnt had dinner yet... Tastes fine, but its just not AS good as the other shit.

    SO, burgerking lied to my ass, and now Im not happy nomore. :mad:
  2. bummer dude, i wont try one then lol
  3. Tendercrisp Chicken sounds like a deep-fried care bear cousin
  4. burger king makes me shit out my mouth and throw up out my ass. . .

    but i get down on some JBox

  5. Kinda tastes like that too.

    As for Jack in the Box, no go on that mane, they dont have that shit where Im from :mad:
  6. I got you beat. Try Hardee's Cinnamon Buns. They're like ambrosia in your mouth.
  7. I'm disappointed to hear that, the commercial made it seem so damn good. Sadly, there are no Jbox anywhere near my residence. BK, McD, and Wendy's are pretty much it around here.
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    Five Guys and in-n-out will murder any type of fast or slow food place!!

    Yea you cali dudes, i said in-n-out. Some east coast dudes know bout that...


    Five Guys
  9. In N Out is our Whitecastle. . .

    as our Carl Jr's is your Hardees. . . well not really because those are the same owner.
  10. I've been eating a lot of chicken caesar salads lately to satisfy the munchies.

    healthy and delicious :)
  11. no no, tenderGRILL.

    oh yum.
  12. but red lobster will give you food poisoning :mad:

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